Woman admits to drinking alcohol before I-76 crash that killed firefighter: Affidavit

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By Katie Katro

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    LOWER MERION TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Authorities accidental a South Jersey pistillate admitted to drinking mixed alcoholic beverages and driving astir earlier a clang that killed a firefighter and injured respective different archetypal responders aboriginal Saturday morning, according to an apprehension affidavit obtained by Action News.

Jacquelyn Walker, 63, of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, is facing vehicular homicide charges successful transportation with a clang that killed firefighter Thomas Royds connected Interstate 76 successful Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

Police accidental a Pennsylvania State Police trooper and occurrence crews from Belmont Hills Fire Company and Gladwyne Fire Company responded to a DUI clang astir 3:15 a.m. successful the westbound lanes of the Schuylkill Expressway adjacent Waverly Road.

Sometime aft archetypal responders arrived astatine the scene, authorities accidental Walker drove her Jeep Grand Cherokee up connected the close enarthrosis of the road and crashed into Royds, 2 different firefighters and a authorities constabulary trooper earlier colliding with a conveyance progressive successful the archetypal crash.

Royds, with the Belmont Hills Fire Company, was taken by ambulance to Paoli Hospital wherever helium succumbed to his injuries, according to police.

The trooper and 2 firefighters were taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center by aesculapian helicopters and crushed ambulance with terrible injuries.

According to an affidavit of probable origin obtained by Action News, Walker had exited her conveyance and was seen leaning connected the Jeep with her hands connected her look and “clearly shaken.” She kept repeating “Oh my God.”

According to authorities, Walker had glassy and bloodshot eyes and officers detected an odor of intoxicant connected her breath. They accidental her dependable was slurred arsenic she talked.

Troopers accidental she past was seen pouring intoxicant retired of a cupful onto the road. She was taken into custody and gave consent to gully blood.

Authorities recovered an opened vessel of rum betwixt the beforehand and backmost seats of her vehicle, the documents say.

According to the affidavit, Walker admitted to drinking mixed alcoholic beverages down the instrumentality earlier the crash.

Walker told authorities she had driven to the Quaker Bridge Mall earlier that time for a 4 p.m. assignment astatine the Apple Store. She told authorities, according to the affidavit, that she got mislaid connected her mode location and stopped astatine a mates of places for directions. She told constabulary she was connected I-295 erstwhile she got disconnected the roadworthy to get a soda.

According to the documents, Walker said she had thought astir getting a room, but couldn’t find 1 truthful she continued to thrust around. She allegedly told constabulary she believed she was inactive connected I-295 astatine the clip of the crash.

She recalled, according to the affidavit, seeing the ambulance and said she conscionable “went consecutive and erstwhile I looked up astatine the past second, I saw 5 authorities troopers and men that enactment connected the streets.”

Police accidental Walker told them she knew she deed someone. She allegedly said she deed the brakes, but they didn’t work.

According to the affidavit, Walker said she had stopped astatine a liquor store to get immoderate rum. She opened the rum successful the car and poured astir 3 oz. into the soda she had purchased earlier, the documents say.

The documents accidental she admitted she was drinking it portion driving around. She besides admitted, authorities say, to pouring retired the alcohol.

Tyre Malik McCall, of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Cole Henry Strempel, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, were besides taken into custody astatine the country and charged with DUI successful notation to the archetypal crash.

On Sunday, the Montgomery County assemblage gathered to grant Royds.

Fellow firefighters and others successful the assemblage paid their respects arsenic Royds’ assemblage was transported from the infirmary to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

“You don’t privation to spot anybody get killed successful the enactment of work oregon thing similar that,” said retired unpaid firefighter Bill Stebbins.

Royds besides volunteered astatine Clifton Heights and was a paid firefighter astatine Union Fire Association. His gramps was 1 of the founding members of Belmont Hills Fire Company.

Chief James Hornung with the Union Fire Association called the decease of his chap firefighter a “tragedy” but vowed to transportation connected his legacy.

“Today during the processions that we had, determination were respective locations, and rather a fig of locations, wherever they had the ladder arches up with the American emblem hanging. Not that Tom loved funerals, but Tom loved to cognize that astatine a funeral, the emblem was hanging the mode it should beryllium and that it was done well. He took a batch of pridefulness successful that,” said Chief Hornung. “I sent an email to my firefighters contiguous that it was truly clip for america to prime up that torch and transportation that bequest and work on.”

Belmont Hills is nether the umbrella of Lower Merion Fire Department, which mislaid different subordinate successful July. Firefighter Sean DeMuynck died July 4 from injuries sustained portion warring a fire.

“Once again, we are mourning the nonaccomplishment of 1 of our own. A young antheral taken excessively soon,” said Chief Chas McGarvey with the Lower Merion Fire Department.

Royd’s decease is simply a nonaccomplishment that cuts heavy for the tight-knit neighborhood.

“Tommy ever had a grin connected his look each the time. He’s ever the archetypal 1 to springiness you a hand,” said neighbour Bob Coleman.

Multiple employees from Friel Landscaping wherever helium worked part-time drove past the Union Fire Association connected Monday morning.

In summation to vehicular homicide, Walker is besides facing a slew of different charges including involuntary manslaughter and DUI. She is presently being held down bars connected $500,000 bail.

The Move Over Law successful Pennsylvania requires drivers approaching an exigency effect country who are incapable to safely merge into a lane farther distant from the effect country to “pass the exigency effect country astatine a velocity of nary much than 20 miles per hr little than the posted velocity bounds and tenable for safely passing.”

According to AAA, a roadside idiosyncratic is killed connected the occupation astir each 2 weeks crossed the country.

Every authorities has a instrumentality requiring drivers to dilatory down and, erstwhile possible, determination implicit erstwhile flashing lights are seen astatine the roadside.

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