Where to buy Robinhood: $HOOD to list on eToro after IPO

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Popular investing app Robinhood’s IPO volition instrumentality spot today, and $HOOD volition beryllium disposable to commercialized connected eToro

Zero-fee banal trading app Robinhood goes nationalist today, with a NASDAQ IPO expected to execute a valuation of $32 billion. As soon arsenic $HOOD shares are listed astatine an expected terms of $38-$42, they volition beryllium disposable to commercialized with starring broker eToro, per a societal station made today

Should you put successful $HOOD stock? Read connected to find out, arsenic good arsenic learning however and wherever to bargain Robinhood arsenic soon arsenic it’s listed.

Where to bargain Robinhood banal successful the UK

Robinhood banal ($HOOD) volition beryllium listed connected eToro today, pending the palmy interval of the shares. eToro is 1 of the astir reputable online brokers retired there, with implicit 13 cardinal users and much than 10 years successful the business. eToro is afloat regulated successful the UK, EU, US, and Australia, meaning you tin put safely knowing that your hard-earned wealth is successful bully hands. 

Should I put successful Robinhood stock?

Whether oregon not you put successful Robinhood is, of course, a substance of idiosyncratic preference; however, determination are respective factors that mightiness sway your decision. Robinhood is expected to timepiece a $32 cardinal valuation, which is simply a immense summation from its erstwhile valuation of $11.7 cardinal successful September 2020. Robinhood’s idiosyncratic basal summation by 151% successful the 12 months pursuing January 2020, and the US-only broker shows nary signs of slowing down immoderate clip soon.

With the archetypal stock terms expected to beryllium astatine the little extremity of the $38 – $42 range, investors whitethorn beryllium capable to drawback a bargain if they get successful early. With Robinhood expanding its cryptocurrency offerings arsenic good arsenic equity and options trading, determination is country for the steadfast to summation much users and summation revenues. Furthermore, plans to grow extracurricular of America person been hinted astatine before, but stay nether wraps. This underscores the immense imaginable $HOOD has for further maturation beyond this IPO.

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