This Destiny 2 Cosplayer Shares Her Titan Cosplay That Would Have Shaxx Cheering 'YESSSSSSSSS'

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It's nary concealed that I person a special spot successful my heart for the Destiny franchise and that of cosplay, truthful erstwhile those 2 worlds collided with an awesome Titan cosplay, I didn't request overmuch convincing to stock this find with the world. One Destiny 2 cosplayer shared her epic Titan cosplay successful a women's radical I'm successful dedicated to the Bungie game, and the infinitesimal I saw it I knew Shaxx would beryllium proud. 

The cosplayer successful question is Lauren Moolman, but she goes by Loz_Coz. A self-proclaimed vino person (my benignant of girl!), she debuted her astir caller cosplay instrumentality with 1 of my favourite weapons: Outbreak Perfected. From the iconic shield that Titans emotion to the heftiness of the armor itself, her Destiny cosplay is excessively unthinkable not to share: 

You tin spot the benignant options she chose with the assorted poses, but the lighting successful the photos besides helps to elevate her cosplay adjacent more. 

Big crayon spell "swoosh" with her Ult: 

She has different astonishing Destiny cosplays, arsenic well, including showing immoderate Hunter emotion with the Mythoclast I inactive can't get to driblet contempt implicit 50 runs of Vault of Glass (I americium salty, permission maine be): 

It's beauteous unthinkable to spot the level of endowment the gaming assemblage has, particularly erstwhile it comes to bringing their favourite characters to life. With truthful overmuch going connected close present concerning Savathun and Osiris acting ace sus, this assemblage tribute is simply a enactment of caller aerial earlier the panic resumes astir where the heck play 15 is going to instrumentality us

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