The Latest: Fiji urges more jabs as COVID deaths rise

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Fiji’s person is urging radical to get vaccinated arsenic the land federation contends with a devastating outbreak of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Relative to its colonisation of little than 1 cardinal people, Fiji’s outbreak is presently among the worst successful the world.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said the nation’s ngo was to vaccinate 80% of adults by the extremity of October. About 47% of Fijians person had astatine slightest 1 vaccination dose.

He said “lies, misinformation, and unholy insanity” astir the vaccine were endangering people.

Fiji has reported a grounds 1,285 caller cases successful its latest regular update. It has reported 193 deaths since the outbreak began successful April.

Fiji has besides reported a further 101 deaths of COVID-19-positive patients that it’s not classifying arsenic coronavirus deaths due to the fact that the patients had underlying conditions. Before the April outbreak, Fiji had recorded conscionable 2 COVID-19 deaths.



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BEIJING — The large eastbound Chinese metropolis of Nanjing recorded different 31 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases connected Tuesday, arsenic authorities announced much than 1.5 cardinal doses of vaccine person been administered astir the country.

The caller cases bring Nanjing’s full to much than 106 implicit caller days. The microorganism circulating successful the metropolis has been identified arsenic the delta variant, according to section officials.

The metropolis has been carrying retired wide investigating and placed tens of thousands of radical nether lockdown. Along with near-universal indoor disguise wearing, China has utilized specified practices to mostly incorporate the home dispersed of the virus.

China has besides aggressively pursued vaccinations, with small connection of noncompliance. The National Health Commission said 1.55 cardinal doses had been administered arsenic of Sunday — exceeding the country’s colonisation of 1.4 billion.

However, questions person been raised astir the efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines, peculiarly the SinoPharm jab among older people.

That’s stirred interest for the dozens of countries that person fixed the Chinese company’s shots to their astir susceptible populations. Some countries present accidental they are prepared to supply a 3rd changeable to boost accumulation of protective antibodies.

China connected Tuesday besides reported different 40 imported cases, astir fractional successful Yunnan state on the borderline with Myanmar, which is facing a large outbreak.

China has 795 radical presently successful attraction for COVID-19. The decease toll has stayed dependable for months astatine 4,636.


MELBOURNE, Australia — Australia’s second-most populous metropolis is ending its 5th pandemic lockdown Tuesday arsenic the Victoria authorities authorities declares it has beaten an outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus delta variant for a 2nd time.

The five-day lockdown successful Melbourne and crossed Victoria volition let schools, pubs and restaurants to reopen. But radical volition not beryllium allowed to person visitors successful their homes for 2 much weeks.

Meanwhile, the metropolis of Sydney remains successful lockdown indefinitely aft much than 4 weeks. Australia’s astir populous metropolis is wherever the delta outbreak began successful mid-June erstwhile a limousine operator was infected portion transporting a U.S. aerial unit from the airport. The New South Wales authorities authorities reported a caller regular precocious of 172 infections Tuesday.

South Australia authorities announced that its week-long lockdown volition extremity arsenic planned Wednesday aft nary caller cases were recorded Tuesday.


HONOLULU — Hawaii’s Department of Health is recommending that masks beryllium utilized successful each indoor settings astatine schools and that societal distancing beryllium observed successful classrooms erstwhile possible. Masks are recommended outdoors erstwhile determination is crowding oregon prolonged adjacent contact.

The section made the recommendations Monday successful updated guidance for schoolhouse officials earlier the Aug. 3 commencement of different schoolhouse twelvemonth during the pandemic.

The section besides says schools should see screening tests for each teachers and unit who person not been afloat vaccinated. It further recommends screening for students who are not afloat vaccinated for information successful sports and different activities with a higher hazard of microorganism transmission.


UNITED NATIONS — The U.N.’s lawman humanitarian main is informing that the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting conflict-ridden and impoverished countries overmuch worse this twelvemonth than successful 2020, with galore facing higher caseloads and rising deaths.

Ramesh Rajasingham said successful a closed briefing Monday to the U.N. Security Council that these surges are being fueled by a deficiency of entree to vaccines, the easing of nationalist wellness measures, accrued societal mixing, and the dispersed of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

In his briefing obtained by The Associated Press, Rajasingham says that truthful acold successful 2021 astir three-quarters of countries needing humanitarian assistance person recorded much pandemic cases oregon deaths than successful each of 2020. He adds that successful implicit one-third of those countries “at slightest 3 times much cases oregon deaths person been recorded this twelvemonth compared to last.”


SAN FRANCISCO — California volition necessitate authorities employees and each wellness attraction workers to amusement impervious of COVID-19 vaccination oregon get tested play arsenic officials purpose to dilatory rising coronavirus infections, mostly among the unvaccinated.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the caller argumentation Monday. The mandate volition impact astatine slightest 238,000 authorities employees, according to the California controller’s office, and astatine slightest 2 cardinal wellness attraction workers successful the nation’s astir populous state.

About 62% of each eligible Californians are afloat vaccinated, and the authorities has struggled to marque important advancement successful caller weeks.

Meanwhile, the much contagious delta variant present makes up an estimated 80% of infections successful California. Hospitalizations are connected the rise, though inactive acold beneath wherever they were during the wintertime peak.


MADRID — Spanish wellness authorities accidental the dispersed of the coronavirus is slowing down pursuing weeks of a steep surge of infections driven mostly by young groups that are yet to person vaccines.

The state has reported 700 caller cases per 100,000 residents successful the past 2 weeks, a level that Spain lone recorded successful the 3rd large surge astatine the opening of the year, erstwhile it peaked astatine 900 caller cases per 100,000.

But Health Secretary Silvia Calzón said Monday that the one-week cumulative incidence had dropped to little than fractional the 14-day fig for the archetypal clip successful weeks, starring officials to judge that contagion is receding.

The much contagious delta variant of the microorganism accounts since this week for astir caller cases, the Health Ministry said successful a study connected Monday.

Nearly 8% of infirmary beds crossed the state are treating COVID-19 patients, though successful ICUs the concern complaint is present already much than 16% and growing.


ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey has recorded much than 15,000 caller coronavirus cases, arsenic the fig of infections proceed to surge.

Health Ministry figures connected Monday showed different 16,809 caller infections successful the past 24 hours, the highest fig of cases since aboriginal May. The ministry besides reported 63 caller deaths, bringing the wide decease toll to 50,997.

“The complaint of summation successful the fig of cases makes keeping the outbreak nether power much difficult,” Health Minister Fahrettin Koca tweeted connected Monday, urging the nationalist to observe coronavirus precautions and to get vaccinated.

Experts are informing that Turkey could look different highest with the highly contagious delta variant and vaccination rates are not sufficient. Only astir 26% of the state of 84 cardinal radical person been afloat vaccinated, utilizing China’s Sinovac and the Pfizer vaccines.

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