Teammate's plea as fans unleash on Simmons

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Just days aft saying helium doesn't attraction astir Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers prima Joel Embiid has pleaded with the team's fans to enactment the Australian.

After being kicked retired of signifier earlier successful the week, Simmons met with his teammates arsenic good arsenic manager Doc Rivers and the team's aesculapian unit to explicate wherefore helium was not mentally prepared to instrumentality to the court.

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Ahead of Philadelphia's location opener against the Brooklyn Nets, Embiid had a connection to the location assemblage and a connection for Simmons arsenic well.

"I impulse you guys to proceed to enactment america and our teammate Ben, due to the fact that he's inactive our brother," helium said.

Embiid mentioned Simmons successful his pre-game code to Philadelphia's fans earlier the location opener (Getty)

The connection to the fans came aft Embiid told ESPN anterior to the clash against the Nets that the gathering with Simmons had helped easiness tensions.

"As a team, we got closer, particularly me, it brought up the constituent of maine trying to go a mode amended person than I was successful the past [and] trying to support the squad together," helium said.

However, it remains to beryllium seen whether Simmons volition beryllium accepted backmost by Philadelphia's notoriously passionate fans, with galore making it wide however they felt astir the Aussie.

A fig of fans showed up successful Simmons jerseys, but with portion covering his name, with 1 instrumentality penning 'CLOWN' implicit the sanction instead.

The Wells Fargo Center assemblage besides unleashed immoderate vociferous boos erstwhile the Aussie was concisely shown during a pre-game hype video.

While Simmons' manager described the gathering arsenic a "productive day" and described it arsenic a "start", 76ers fable Charles Barkley said determination was nary mode backmost for the Australian successful Philadelphia aft his actions this week.

"If helium had travel to grooming campy and busted his heart, adjacent past twelvemonth erstwhile helium was frightened to sprout and wasn't making escaped throws, they were giving him immoderate emotion and trying to promote him," Barkley said.

"When helium showed up astatine grooming campy and didn't play and didn't speech to his teammates, it's implicit now."

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