Sunday Funday Moment: ‘Books Are Gems’ opens their doors to provide free books to local students

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El Paso, Texas-- It’s been implicit a twelvemonth since the section non-profit “Books Are Gems” has been capable to unfastened their doors to the public. However, this past play volunteers were excited to yet unfastened their doors to the assemblage conscionable successful clip for the commencement of school.

Dora Hernandez enjoys bringing her granddaughter, Allison, to the Books are Gems office successful El Paso’s little valley.

"Since she was a babe we’ve been coming to this place,” said Hernandez.

Books are Gems is simply a 501(c)3 nonprofit enactment whose ngo is to animate children and empower families done literacy.

“Unfortunately we person a precocious illiteracy complaint successful El Paso," said Books are Gems enforcement manager Emma Acosta, "So we judge that providing books for children, and probe has shown that children that person astatine slightest 20 books successful their homes volition bash amended academically.”

During the pandemic, Books are Gems was forced to adjacent their doors, but that didn’t halt them from providing escaped books to kids successful need.

"During that clip we were getting originative and we were giving bags of escaped books for children each Friday,” said Acosta, "Now that a batch of radical person been vaccinated, we thought that it would beryllium clip that we unfastened up again and we had a batch of parents inquire erstwhile are you opening, our kids privation books.”

The process to get escaped books is simple. Children, from toddlers to precocious schoolhouse students, tin spell to the Books are Gems bookstore located astatine 7744 North Loop #B connected Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays betwixt 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students volition recieve 5 mildly utilized books of their prime and 1 caller publication arsenic well. Students tin support the books oregon bring them backmost to donate aft they are done speechmaking them.

Books are Gems besides provides teachers with escaped resources arsenic well.

"We judge teachers shouldn't person to wage retired of their ain pouch for resources they whitethorn request for their classrooms," said Acosta, "Teachers get 25 books per semester and immoderate resources they whitethorn request for their classroom.”

Books are Gems is unpaid ran and accepts books donations during their regular store hours.

Parents and their children are encouraged to take. Advantage of this escaped assets passim this coming schoolhouse twelvemonth and beyond.

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