Student hopes her compostable ‘Fette’ cups can replace traditional solo cups

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By Kate Merrill

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    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (WBZ) — Flipped, pong’ed, guzzled and gone. After backyard barbecues, assemblage keggers and tailgating parties, those ubiquitous reddish cups usually extremity up successful a landfill.

Entrepreneur Priya Mittal says that needs to change.

“The reddish Solo cupful is made retired of fig six plastic, which is chemically identical to styrofoam and highly toxic for the environment,” said Priya.

The Brown University pupil and her concern spouse judge they person a solution: the “Fette” cup.

“Fette is simply a sustainability-minded organization, fundamentally aimed astatine replacing the accepted reddish Solo cupful with 100 percent compostable cup,” she explained.

Priya says the cups interruption down successful astir 2 months.

“Fette cups are really made retired of corn, truthful they are wholly plant-based,” she said.

So however did each of this get started?

“One day, we’re really walking done field to get to our fellowship gathering and saw greens conscionable filled and covered with these reddish Solo cups, trash cans overflowing, and came to realization that, one, these weren’t sustainable, but two, that thing needed to beryllium done,” she said.

The institution launched precocious past year, and Priya says concern has been encouraging.

The cups are being sold successful stores adjacent Brown University and astatine different assemblage campuses astir the Northeast.

And for the 2 partners, this marque goes beyond sustainability.

“For us, it’s truly astir marque identity, wherever erstwhile you clasp a Fette cup, you cognize that you attraction astir the environment, that you’re supporting 100% female-founded and female-led venture, you’re supporting a laminitis similar myself who is simply a idiosyncratic of color, my co-founder who is simply a queer founder,” Priya said.

And arsenic the sanction suggests, it is not each business.

“Fette successful French means party, and Confetti is funfetti. Fetty Wap is simply a truly fashionable singer. And each of that conscionable means having a bully clip to us.”

It volition outgo much to spell green, though. Fifty Fette cups outgo $10, and 50 reddish Solo cups outgo $6.

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