Residents deal with string of broken car windows, stolen items

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By Frank Healy

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    MILWAUKEE (WDJT) — At slightest 9 cars breached into, and immoderate neighbors accidental it could beryllium much is what galore are facing this play connected Milwaukee’s East Side aft overnight break-ins on Stowell betwixt Webster and Belleview aboriginal Saturday morning.

The aftermath of the interruption ins were inactive casual to find Sunday, smashed solid on the sidewalk and cars with taped implicit windows.

It’s thing that neighbors said comes arsenic a existent daze for the East side.

“There had to person been astatine slightest 10 I deliberation I counted antithetic cars with windows smashed, immoderate connected the near broadside immoderate connected the close side, immoderate of the drivers immoderate successful the back,” said Carson Leet.

Leet said a sojourn to ticker implicit a friends apartment, adjacent wherever Leet plans to determination soon, revealed a astonishing scene.

People similar Eric Villarreal and galore others sorting retired damages to their vehicles.

Villarreal said each that was taken was his wife’s clutch.

“They tried to spell to the McDonald’s and swipe doubly but it didn’t enactment due to the fact that she turned disconnected her card,” said Villarreal, “but they did bash immoderate harm though.”

Villareal said they moved present due to the fact that things similar this didn’t hap here.

“It’s a beauteous bully area. That’s wherefore we moved here, you know, different we would person moved to different country down that way,” said Villarreal.

Other radical who unrecorded nearby, similar Casey Sroda, said incidents similar these are wherefore helium doesn’t parkland a car retired connected the streets.

“With the hazard of having worldly stolen, I mean the $55 parking licence present for overnight is similar it’s arsenic appealing arsenic it is, it benignant of stinks that you person to interest astir getting your car stolen,” said Sroda.

For Leet, things similar this are astonishing astatine a clip erstwhile things look affirmative for Milwaukee.

“There’s been specified a affirmative tone successful the city, but worldly similar this inactive happens and it benignant of brings you backmost to the world of it but I inactive emotion this city,” said Leet.

Milwaukee Police are asking for assistance identifying immoderate suspects that whitethorn person been progressive successful this crime, anyone with immoderate accusation is asked to interaction Milwaukee Police astatine (414) 935-7212 oregon Crime Stoppers astatine (414) 224-TIPS oregon P3 Tips App to stay anonymous.

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