Olympics Latest: ROC volleyball avenges Rio loss vs Brazil

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TOKYO (AP) — The Latest connected the Tokyo Olympics, which are taking spot nether dense restrictions aft a year’s hold due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic:


The Russian Olympic Committee men’s volleyball squad avenged a semifinal nonaccomplishment to Brazil successful the past Olympics by mounting a large rally successful the 3rd acceptable to triumph their semifinal lucifer successful 4 sets.

The ROC fought backmost from 8 points down to triumph the important 3rd acceptable and past closed it retired successful the 4th successful a matchup of the sport’s 2 biggest powerhouses.

The Russians volition play the victor of the France-Argentina semifinal connected Saturday for the golden medal. Brazil volition play the loser for the bronze aft failing to marque it to the golden medal crippled for the archetypal clip since 2000.


IOC investigators are “setting up the interviews” with the Belarus squad suspected of trying to forcibly region sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya from the Olympics.

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams says the disciplinary process that formally opened Tuesday is “determining who needs to beryllium heard.”

Belarus officials Artur Shumak and Yuri Moisevich person been linked by the IOC to taking Tsimanouskaya successful a car to the airdrome Sunday to enactment her connected a level to Belarus.

It is unclear if Shumak and Moisevich clasp Olympic accreditation and tin interaction different Belarus athletes.

The IOC was asked Thursday if it acted accelerated capable erstwhile Olympic accreditations person been rapidly removed successful different cases.

Adams says the IOC moved “pretty swiftly … determination has to beryllium a process due to the fact that there’s each sorts of allegations swirling astir and we person to perceive what they are.”

Tsimanouskaya, who had criticized squad coaches connected societal media, is present successful Poland, which gave her a humanitarian visa.


Marcell Jacobs volition transportation Italy’s emblem astatine Sunday’s closing ceremonial aft succeeding Usain Bolt arsenic 100-meter champion astatine the Olympics.

Italian Olympic Committee president Giovanni Malagò made the announcement soon aft Jacobs helped the Azzurri suffice for the last of the 4×100 relay.

The Texas-born sprinter was the astonishment victor of the biggest contention of the Olympics past weekend.



Australia’s Keegan Palmer has won the past skateboarding golden of the Tokyo Games.

He won successful men’s park, breaking what had been Japanese domination successful each 3 erstwhile events.

The metallic went to Pedro Barros of Brazil. Cory Juneau took bronze, the 2nd skateboarding medal for the United States.

The archetypal for the U.S., besides a bronze, was won by Jagger Eaton successful men’s street. Palmer, who is 18 and was calved successful the United States, was untouchable with 2 runs of tricks and stunts successful the eight-man final.

His golden was the archetypal medal successful skateboarding for Australia. All the golds successful the different 3 events went to Japanese skaters.



Pedro Pichardo of Portugal has won the men’s triple leap golden medal astatine the Olympics.

The Cuban-born Pichardo recorded 17.98 meters connected his 3rd effort to clinch his archetypal Olympic title. He antecedently won metallic medals astatine the 2013 and 2015 satellite championships portion representing Cuba.

China’s Zhu Yaming took metallic astatine Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium with 17.57.

Burkina Faso’s Hugues Fabrice Zango claimed the bronze with 17.47, the archetypal Olympic medal ever for his West African country.



Australia’s Thomas Green and Jean van der Westhuyzen person won the men’s kayak treble 1,000 meters astatine the Sea Forest Waterway with a finishing footwear implicit the last 200.

Germany’s Mox Hoff and Jacob Schopf were 0.304 seconds down to to instrumentality silver. Rodek Slouf and Josef Dostal of the Czech Republic won bronze.


The International Olympic Committee says it’s not alert of immoderate plans to alteration the docket for the women’s shot last betwixt Canada and Sweden.

Both teams asked to debar kicking disconnected successful the Olympic Stadium successful Tokyo’s vigor and humidity astatine 11 a.m. Friday — an astir unprecedented aboriginal commencement for shot astatine immoderate clip of year.

The forecast somesthesia astatine kickoff is astir 91 degrees (31 Celsius).

A aboriginal kickoff clip would hazard a clash with the way and tract programme successful the stadium aboriginal Friday, though different venues successful Tokyo person been utilized for Olympic shot and look available.

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams says helium “can’t shed immoderate much light” connected the process of moving the game.

Changes to the Olympic docket impact the IOC, Tokyo officials, sports bodies similar soccer’s FIFA and broadcasters.

The satellite champion United States squad was expected to marque the last and the 11 a.m. kickoff successful Tokyo would person allowed NBC to broadcast the last astatine 10 p.m. connected the eastbound seashore and 7 p.m. connected the west.



New Zealand’s Lisa Carrington has won the women’s kayak azygous 500 to adhd to her golden medal haul astatine the Sea Forest Waterway.

Carrington won her 3rd golden medal successful 3 days, to spell with her victories successful the kayak azygous 200 and treble 500. She is inactive scheduled to contention the 500 fours.

Like her earlier races, Carrington was ascendant from commencement to finish. Tamara Csipes of Hungary won silver. Denmark’s Emma Aastrand Jorgensen won bronze.



Ryan Crouser has breached his ain Olympic grounds connected his mode to defending his changeable enactment title.

On his past attempt, Crouser went 23.30 meters to gain the archetypal way and tract golden for the American men astatine the Tokyo Games. U.S. teammate Joe Kovacs finished 2nd and Tomas Walsh of New Zealand was third.

The 28-year-old Crouser went 22.52 meters erstwhile helium won astatine the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

Crouser is already the world-record holder aft breaking a 31-year-old people connected June 18 astatine the U.S. Olympic trials. His propulsion that evening went 23.37 meters.

In the vigor astatine Olympic Stadium, Crouser took the pb connected his archetypal effort and saved his champion for his last one.


Teenagers Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi dominated the semifinal circular of the women’s 10-meter level arsenic China seeks a expanse of the women’s diving events.

The 14-year-old Quan led with 415.65 points and the 15-year-old Chen was 2nd with 407.75.

Delaney Schnell of the United States precocious successful 3rd with 342.75 points.

The apical 12 finishers of 18 starters qualified for the last aboriginal Thursday.

China has won each women’s diving lawsuit astatine the past 3 Olympics.

The lone diving lawsuit that China has not won astatine these Games came successful the men’s 10-meter synchro, which was won by Tom Daley and Matty Lee of Britain.

Chen is the reigning satellite champion successful 10 meters and already won golden astatine these Games successful the 10-meter synchro with teammate Zhang Jiaqi.



Hansle Parchment of Jamaica has won golden successful the 110-meter hurdles astatine the Olympics by overtaking American Grant Holloway close adjacent the end.

Holloway, the satellite champion, was successful beforehand done 9 retired of the 10 hurdles, but abruptly faded connected the last. Parchment flew past him to adhd an Olympic golden to the bronze medal helium won astatine the 2012 London Games.

Parchment won successful his season’s champion clip of 13.04 seconds.

Holloway took metallic successful 13.09 and different Jamaican, Ronald Levy, had the bronze successful 13.10 seconds.



Hungary’s Sandor Totka has won the golden medal successful the men’s kayak 200, becoming the archetypal non-British paddler to triumph the lawsuit since it started successful 2012.

Rizza Manfredi of Italy took metallic and defending Olympic champion Liam Heath of Britain won bronze.

Totka bushed Heath for the European title earlier this twelvemonth and bolted disconnected the commencement enactment earlier claiming triumph successful a photograph decorativeness that saw 0.045 seconds abstracted golden from silver.


The U.S. men person failed to beforehand to the last of the 4×100 relay successful way and field, extending a agelong drawstring of nonaccomplishment successful an lawsuit they utilized to own.

The squad of Trayvon Bromell, Fred Kerley, Ronnie Baker and Cravon Gillespie finished sixth successful the 2nd vigor of qualifying, done successful by a bid of atrocious exchanges that resulted successful a clip of 38.10 seconds.

This marks the 10th clip since 1995 that the men person botched a relay astatine a satellite championships oregon Olympics. They were disqualified for a faulty speech 5 years agone successful Rio de Janeiro.

The U.S. women made it done with a second-place decorativeness successful their heat. They’ll contention for the golden medal Friday.


Tokyo Olympics organizers person apologized for introducing Ukrainian athletes arsenic Russians astatine an creator swimming medal ceremony.

Tokyo spokesperson Masa Tanaka says it was “purely an operational mistake” erstwhile helium announced the apology astatine the regular Tokyo Games quality conference.

The mistake is much delicate due to the fact that of diplomatic tensions betwixt Ukraine and Russia.

The Ukrainian portion of Crimea was annexed by Russia soon aft the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and struggle betwixt authorities forces and Russia-backed separatists continues

The creator swimming duet contention was won precocious Wednesday by the Russian Olympic Committee athletes Svetlana Romashina and Svetlana Kolesnichenko.

The Ukrainian duo of Marta Fiedina and Anastasiya Savchuk took bronze but were announced astatine the podium arsenic representing the ROC.


Australia volition play the United States for the formation volleyball golden medal.

Mariafe Artacho and Taliqua Clancy bushed Latvia 23-21, 21-13 connected Thursday to clinch astatine slightest a silver. Latvia’s Tina Graudina and Anastasija Kravcenoka volition play for the bronze against Switzerland, which mislaid to the Americans successful the earlier semifinal.

Australia was an aboriginal Olympic formation volleyball power, erstwhile Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst claimed a bronze medal successful Atlanta and golden astatine Bondi Beach successful Sydney.

But they haven’t reached the podium since.


The American “A-Team” has precocious to the golden medal lucifer of the Olympic formation volleyball tournament.

April Ross and Alix Klineman bushed Switzerland 21-12, 21-11 astatine Shiokaze Park connected Thursday to clinch astatine slightest a metallic medal. It volition beryllium the 3rd medal for Ross, who won metallic successful London and bronze successful Rio de Janeiro. Klineman is simply a first-time Olympian.

Switzerland’s Joana Heidrich and Anouk Verge-Depre volition play for the bronze against the loser of the 2nd semifinal, betwixt Australia and Latvia.

The Americans ne'er trailed successful the archetypal set. They mislaid the archetypal constituent of the 2nd earlier rolling disconnected 3 consecutive points to instrumentality a pb they ne'er relinquished.

The triumph besides assures the United States of a formation volleyball medal for the seventh consecutive Summer Games. That’s each 1 of them since the athletics was added to the programme successful Atlanta successful 1996.

Only Brazil had achieved the aforesaid occurrence — until now. It has been unopen retired successful Tokyo for the archetypal time, with nary of its teams reaching the semifinals.


BMX rider Connor Fields was released from St. Luke’s International Hospital successful Tokyo connected Thursday, 5 days aft a horrific clang successful his semifinal contention astatine the Tokyo Olympics near him with a encephalon bleed and different injuries.

Dr. Jonathan Finnoff, the main aesculapian serviceman for the U.S. Olympic Committee, said successful a connection that Fields volition beryllium capable to instrumentality to his location successful Henderson, Nevada, to statesman his rehabilitation.

The 28-year-old Fields had already qualified for the finals past Friday based connected his archetypal 2 semifinal heats erstwhile the gross dropped for the last one. He was flanked by riders connected each broadside of him arsenic helium landed hard connected a leap into the archetypal turn. The interaction with the crushed was terrible enough, but Fields besides was deed astatine precocious velocity by 2 different riders.

He remained motionless portion the contention concluded. Medical unit past rushed retired to be to Fields, who yet was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the infirmary successful an ambulance.

Fields sustained a encephalon hemorrhage successful the crash, and portion the Olympic neurosurgeon was connected standby successful lawsuit country was needed to relieve unit connected his brain, a follow-up CT scan taken the adjacent greeting showed nary further injuries.

Fields besides had breached ribs and a collapsed lung from the crash.



Germany’s Florian Wellbrock has added a golden medal successful marathon swimming to his bronze medal astatine the pool, winning the men’s 10-kilometer contention astatine Tokyo Bay.

Wellbrock raced retired to an aboriginal pb and was up beforehand astir of the mode connected different sweltering greeting successful Tokyo. Even with the contention starting astatine 6:30 a.m. section time, the somesthesia was already 81 degrees (27.2 Celsius) with 80 percent humidity, making it consciousness similar adjacent to 90 degrees.

The stifling conditions seemingly got to France’s David Aubry, who dropped retired of the contention with little than 2 laps to spell and was carried disconnected the platform connected a stretcher. There’s nary connection yet connected his condition.

Britain’s Hector Pardoe besides failed to finish.

Wellbrock pulled distant connected the last thigh to triumph by a dominating 25.3 seconds, finishing successful 1 hour, 48 minutes, 33.7 seconds. He besides won a bronze successful the 1,500-meter freestyle connected the past time of swimming astatine the pool.

The metallic went to Hungary’s Kristof Rasovsky successful 1:48.59.0, portion Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri picked up the bronze successful 1:49.01.1. The Italian was metallic medalist successful the 800 freestyle astatine the pool.

Defending Olympic marathon champion Ferry Weertman of the Netherlands finished seventh, portion American Jordan Wilimovsky was 10th.


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