Officer at Capitol riot responds to questions of credibility: ‘I can’t put a Band-Aid on my emotions’

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By Paul LeBlanc, CNN

A US Capitol Police serviceman who was the people of racist slurs during the January 6 insurrection rebuked questions astir his credibility from blimpish critics Wednesday evening, stating, “I can’t enactment a Band-Aid connected my emotions.”

Harry Dunn — 1 of the four officers who testified Tuesday earlier the House prime committee investigating the riot — told CNN’s Don Lemon connected “Don Lemon Tonight,” “You cognize what hurts more, oregon conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic what happened connected January 6? The attacks — the attacks connected our credibility and that we’re lying and that we don’t emotion our state and we’re fake constabulary officers and we’re not existent cops.”

Last week, Fox News big Tucker Carlson sought to undermine Dunn’s credibility successful beforehand of his testimony, claiming without grounds that the serviceman “is an angry, left-wing governmental activist.”

“Dunn volition unreal to talk for the country’s instrumentality enforcement community, but it turns retired Dunn has precise small successful communal with your mean cop,” Carlson said connected his show.

The comments prompted an contiguous effect from Dunn’s lawyers, and the serviceman told CNN connected Wednesday evening that “it’s much than frustrating.” Though helium wasn’t physically assaulted during the attack, Dunn asked, “If I came present with my limb successful a sling, oregon bandage astir my head, would that springiness maine much credibility?”

“Sorry, I can’t enactment a Band-Aid connected my emotions oregon my brain, my intelligence — my mindset. I cannot enactment a Band-Aid connected it. All I got is my words.”

Dunn has repeatedly spoken retired astir however helium and his chap Black officers are still grappling with their harrowing experience connected January 6, erstwhile they endured racist attacks from the insurrectionists. Flags, signs and symbols of racist, White supremacist and extremist groups were displayed on with Trump 2020 banners and American flags astatine the riot. Black officers played a cardinal relation successful defending lawmakers during the attack.

“More than six months later, January 6 inactive isn’t implicit for me,” Dunn told the House sheet Tuesday. “I cognize truthful galore different officers proceed to hurt, some physically and emotionally,”

Dunn added that helium has sought counseling “for the persistent affectional trauma of that day” and implored his colleagues to bash the aforesaid if needed.

“I privation to instrumentality this infinitesimal and talk to my chap officers astir the emotions they are continuing to acquisition from the events of January 6. There is perfectly thing incorrect with seeking nonrecreational counseling,” helium said. “What we each went done that time was traumatic, and if you are hurting delight instrumentality vantage of the counseling services that are disposable to us.”

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CNN’s Zachary Cohen and Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.

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