Novak's mum slams 'not human' treatment

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Novak Djokovic is being "treated similar a prisoner" by Australian authorities, his mother, Dijana Djokovic, told reporters during a property league successful Belgrade connected Thursday.

World No. 1 Djokovic is thought to person been transferred to the Park Hotel successful Melbourne after having his visa to participate the state blocked up of the Australian Open, according to CNN affiliates Seven Network and Nine News.

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The hotel, antecedently utilized by the Australian authorities arsenic a Covid-19 quarantine facility, is present being utilized arsenic an Alternative Place of Detention (APOD) for refugees and asylum seekers.

The household of Novak Djokovic gathered with respective of his Australian Open trophies and a ample graffiti motion to sharply criticise Australian authorities. (Supplied)

His parent said that she had spoken concisely with her lad connected Thursday, adding that helium told her helium couldn't sleep.

"I consciousness unspeakable since yesterday, the past 24 hours that they are keeping him arsenic a prisoner. It's conscionable not fair. It's not human," said Dijana. She called his existent accommodation "terrible," describing it arsenic "just immoderate tiny migration hotel."

"It's truthful soiled and the nutrient is truthful terrible," she added."[The authorities] don't privation to springiness him immoderate accidental to determination connected to immoderate amended edifice oregon location that helium already rented."

Djokovic hasn't publically revealed his vaccination status, but successful a quality league connected Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the 34-year-old "didn't person a valid aesculapian exemption" to the vaccination request for arrivals into the country.

PM defends determination to garbage Djokovic's introduction to Australia

According to Our World In Data, 46.76 percent of Serbia's colonisation has been afloat vaccinated against Covid-19.Djokovic's ineligible squad sought an urgent injunction against the Australian Border Forces' determination to revoke his visa.

The country's Federal Court has adjourned the determination until Monday connected whether helium volition beryllium allowed to stay successful Australia oregon beryllium deported.

His brother, Djordje, described the enactment of the Australian authorities arsenic a "serious diplomatic breach," recounting however connection was abruptly severed betwixt the subordinate and his family.

"In the archetypal 45 minutes I think, helium was communicating to the household & team, and that abruptly stopped," helium said during a property league successful Belgrade connected Thursday.

"He had nary interaction whatsoever arsenic his telephone had been taken distant from him for 3 and a fractional hours."

Djokovic was yet fixed backmost his telephone and taken into different isolation room, his member added.

Commonwealth reviewing Djokovic exemption

After his visa was revoked, Djokovic was taken done Melbourne Airport's metallic detectors and had each his belongings and suitcases taken distant from, according to his brother.

"His wallet and alteration of apparel were taken distant from him," said Djordje. "He was taken to the migrant hotel, to a soiled country and was told that each his belongings volition beryllium fixed backmost to him connected his departure to Europe."

Djokovic volition beryllium staying successful Australia arsenic the injunction goes done the courts, ABC reported.

He is hoping to triumph his 10th Australian Open rubric and record-breaking 21st expansive slam rubric this month. The tourney begins connected January 17 and concludes connected January 30.

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