Minneapolis voters will decide whether to replace the police department with a public safety department

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By Emma Tucker, CNN

Minneapolis metropolis officials voted Friday to o.k. the connection of a ballot measurement that volition inquire voters successful November whether the city’s constabulary section should beryllium replaced with nationalist information department.

The Minneapolis City Council approved the ballot question language, which volition beryllium presented to residents successful the municipal wide predetermination connected November 2, 2021.

If approved, the Minneapolis Police Department would beryllium eliminated, and a caller Department of Public Safety would instrumentality its place.

The nationalist wellness section would instrumentality a “comprehensive nationalist wellness attack to safety” and see “licensed bid officers,” according to the proposal. Essentially, the measurement would besides region the constabulary main and the mayor’s powerfulness implicit the agency, the connection states.

The measurement — which was projected by an advocacy radical called Yes 4 Minneapolis — comes much than a twelvemonth aft erstwhile Minneapolis constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, a Black man, successful May 2020.

Floyd’s sidesplitting astatine the hands of a White constabulary serviceman sparked national and planetary protests against constabulary brutality, racism and societal injustice.

Yes 4 Minneapolis has called connected metropolis leaders to “move distant from convulsive policing to make a section that addresses assemblage information holistically and with a nationalist wellness approach,” according to its website.

The ballot question measurement has been submitted to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey for his consideration. He has 5 days starting Monday to determine whether to motion oregon veto the resolution, which the metropolis assembly tin override with a two-thirds bulk vote. If the politician decides to abstain from approving the ballot question, it volition spell into effect connected July 31 without his signature.

In a connection to CNN, the mayor’s bureau said helium “will not beryllium signing the measure, but appreciates the cautious enactment and thorough investigation done by City unit to hole just and close connection for voters to see this fall.”

It added: “Mayor Frey maintains that giving the Minneapolis City Council power implicit nationalist information enactment would people a large setback for accountability and bully governance.”

If the solution moves guardant without his signature, the metropolis volition put to person the approved connection placed connected the ballot earlier the statutory deadline of August 20 for this year’s municipal wide election, according to the Minneapolis metropolis clerk’s office.

Frey, who’s a subordinate of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, has antecedently made his stance connected the contented clear: He does not enactment abolishing oregon defunding the city’s constabulary section but wants to prioritize restructuring the bureau to absorption connected gathering assemblage spot and nationalist safety.

“You request instrumentality enforcement and the community-driven attack moving simultaneously to spot safety,” Frey said astatine a May quality conference.

City Councilmember Steve Fletcher, who represents portions of downtown Minneapolis and has advocated for constabulary reform, told CNN helium was successful favour of disbanding the department.

“I americium supporting the solution due to the fact that we truly request to alteration however we attack nationalist information successful our city,” Fletcher said. “We request accountability, we request a broader scope of approaches different than accepted policing, and 20,000 Minneapolis residents signed the petition to enactment it connected the ballot.”

The authoritative ballot connection that would beryllium presented to voters successful November reads, “Shall the Minneapolis City Charter beryllium amended to onslaught and regenerate the Police Department with a Department of Public Safety that employs a broad nationalist wellness approach, and which would see licensed bid officers (police officers) if necessary, to fulfill its responsibilities for nationalist safety, with the wide quality of the amendments being concisely indicated successful the explanatory enactment below, which is made a portion of this ballot?”

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CNN’s Aya Elamroussi contributed to this report.

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