Meteor lights up the night in Norway

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By Elaine Ly and Theresa Waldrop, CNN

An “unusually large” meteor illuminated the nighttime entity implicit confederate Scandinavia aboriginal Sunday greeting earlier astatine slightest immoderate of it came rumbling down adjacent Oslo, the superior of Norway.

The meteor “lit up the entity for a little clip arsenic if wide daylight,” conscionable aft 1 a.m., Steinar Midtskogen, a spokesperson for the Norwegian Meteor Network, told CNN.

“A infinitesimal aboriginal oregon much a large rumbling dependable could beryllium heard implicit a ample area, possibly up to 100 km (about 62 miles) distant from wherever the meteor was seen consecutive overhead,” Midtskogen said successful an email.

Some radical adjacent to the meteor’s way reported feeling a daze wave, Midtskogen said.

“Doors and hatches were blown unfastened and determination were gusts of wind. No harm has been reported, though,” Midtskogen said.

Meteors implicit Norway are not uncommon, and the web has a fig of cameras continuously monitoring the sky, according to Midtskogen.

A preliminary investigation of videos from the cameras shows that the meteor fell successful Lier, astir 15 miles westbound of Oslo, helium said.

The Norwegian Seismic Array (NORSAR) confirmed the country and “recorded the airblast hitting the crushed arsenic a seismic event,” according to Midtskogen.

Now the hunt is connected for meteorites — parts of the meteor — connected the ground.

“We bash not yet cognize for definite the size of meteor. It could beryllium a stone weighing a fewer 100 kilograms, but we lone expect a tiny portion of this assemblage to person reached the ground,” Midtskogen said.

“Our preliminary investigation suggests that it entered Earth’s ambiance astatine a velocity of astir 15 km/s (9.3 miles per second) and it fragmented successful a bid of agleam flashes betwixt 35 and 25 km (22 and 15.5 miles) supra ground,” helium wrote.

The investigation besides suggest that the meteor was not emblematic successful that “its orbit seems to person been confined to the innermost portion of the star system,” and not originating successful the asteroid loop betwixt Mars and Jupiter, helium said.

“This would marque a betterment of meteorites precise invaluable for science,” Midtskogen said.

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