Metal pole crashes through SUV windshield, narrowly missing the driver

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By Rachel Trent, CNN

Secure your load.

That’s the connection the Arizona Department of Public Safety has for drivers aft a motortruck operator successful Phoenix failed to unafraid a load and a metallic rod fell off, crashing into a athletics inferior conveyance down the truck.

On Thursday, a pickup motortruck hauling a trailer deed a bump connected Arizona State Route 51, causing a astir 4-foot-long metallic rod to travel disconnected the trailer. The rod ended up piercing the halfway of the windshield of a Nissan SUV straight down it, according to a Facebook post.

The rod ended up lodged betwixt the Nissan’s halfway backmost spot and the SUV’s roof.

The operator of the motortruck did not halt and has not been located, the section said. Mandy Poff, the pistillate driving the Nissan, was not injured, but she told CNN affiliate KPNX she’s terrified to get backmost successful her car.

“I tin representation it coming by my look and that feeling — that’s hard to get retired of your head,” Poff said.

When the rod struck her windshield, conscionable inches from her face, solid “showered down” connected her.

“I retrieve the paramedics telling me, ‘I can’t judge you’re alive. I can’t judge you made it done this,'” Poff said.

The nationalist information section warned drivers request to unafraid their load nary substance however abbreviated the thrust oregon however dense the items.

“Road debris poses a superior hazard to everyone connected the road, from different motorists to the instrumentality enforcement and roadworthy attraction crews that spell retired to retrieve it,” according to the department’s post. “No substance however abbreviated the thrust oregon however dense the items, delight instrumentality the clip to unafraid your load earlier each trip!”

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