Major US bank delays its return to the office due to the Delta variant

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By Matt Egan, CNN Business

US Bank told employees Wednesday they volition nary longer beryllium owed back successful the office aboriginal adjacent period due to the fact that of surging Covid-19 cases.

“There are accrued caseloads crossed the globe, and the Delta variant has caused america to set our plans,” Andy Cecere, the company’s CEO, wrote successful an email to employees. Jeff Shelman, a spokesperson for the bank, confirmed the email, which was first reported by the Star Tribune.

US Bank, 1 of America’s largest banks, had planned to bring employees crossed the state backmost to offices connected September 7.

“After weighing our options, we judge the close people of enactment is to postpone our broader instrumentality to bureau until sometime successful the 4th quarter,” Cecere said.

US Bank did not denote a caller day to instrumentality to the office, but said it volition springiness employees 30 days’ notice.

Like astir companies, US Bank shifted to virtual enactment erstwhile the pandemic erupted past year, with astir 70% of the bank’s astir 70,000 employees moving remotely. US Bank said lone a precise tiny fig person returned to the bureau successful a hybrid mode since then.

The alteration successful plans by US Bank stands successful opposition with the stance of different large banks.

Representatives from JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs told CNN Business this week they haven’t changed their return-to-office policies. Goldman Sachs brought employees backmost to the bureau successful June, portion JPMorgan staff members were expected backmost successful the bureau by July.

But the Delta variant could unit a rethink, particularly if employees bespeak they aren’t comfy with piling backmost into crowded offices, subways and buses.

Other companies are adjusting their return-to-office plans. On Wednesday, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish told employees that the institution has pushed its full-open day to October 18 astatine the earliest. The institution had antecedently planned to unfastened afloat by September 20, according to a spokesperson, and has already been unfastened to employees connected a voluntary ground since July 6.

“We volition proceed to intimately show the impacts of the Delta variant and the effect from schools, governments and different employers arsenic we finalize our plans to instrumentality to the office,” Bakish said successful a memo.

Earlier, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a late-July blog post that the institution was extending its work-from-home argumentation done October 18.

He said successful portion that “we admit that galore Googlers are seeing spikes successful their communities caused by the Delta variant and are acrophobic astir returning to the office. This hold volition let america clip to ramp backmost into enactment portion providing flexibility for those who request it.”

And Bloomberg reported successful precocious July that Lyft has delayed its instrumentality to bureau until February.

If much companies hold their bureau reopenings, it would woody a stroke to the restaurants, bars and different tiny businesses that had been banking connected a instrumentality of bureau workers this fall.

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