Lollapalooza street closures, COVID rules as preparations for Chicago music festival continue

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By Jessica D’Onofrio and Alexis McAdams

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    CHICAGO, Illinois (WLS) — Lollapalooza COVID rules person been clarified and preparations are underway for hundreds of thousands of radical to flock to Grant Park for the archetypal iteration of the city’s biggest euphony festival aft a planetary pandemic.

Health officials accidental the COVID surge is fueled by unvaccinated Americans and the highly contagious Delta variant.

The philharmonic festival typically draws astir 100,000 attendees per day, and that has immoderate radical worried.

“I bash deliberation determination is going to beryllium a important hazard of transmission astatine a tightly packed lawsuit specified arsenic Lolla, unfortunately,” Dr. Zachary Rubin said.

Lollapalooza said they are enforcing wellness measures astatine the nonstop of the metropolis and the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Each idiosyncratic volition person to amusement a printed vaccine paper astatine the gate, oregon impervious of a antagonistic COVID-19 trial taken wrong 72 hours of attending. Since the festival is 4 days long, weekend-long attendees volition person to get tested aggregate times.

If you don’t person the papers, you volition not get in.

“We person tightened up the information procedures,” said Bob Klich of Monterrey Security.

A retired CPD commandant with much than 35 years of instrumentality enforcement experience, helium knows however to tally a festival. But this twelvemonth their biggest interest is health.

“It is going to beryllium a challenging happening to do, but this is simply a caller satellite that we are entering arsenic America and the satellite starts to unfastened up,” Klich said.

Klich and different information squad members volition beryllium keeping a adjacent oculus retired for fake vaccine cards and anyone trying to sneak in.

“There are 2 types of fences. The main fences are precise hard to get over. They are going to beryllium patrolled by our information and information from different companies, on with CPD,” helium said.

But a emergence successful cases is inactive expected by galore doctors.

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