Last victim in Florida condo collapse ID’d; deaths total 98

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SURFSIDE, Florida — The past remaining unfortunate of the Florida gathering illness was identified Monday, ending a month-long hunt and betterment operation.

Ikey Hedaya told The Associated Press that his sister Estelle Hedaya, an outgoing 54-year-old, was the past unfortunate of the fallen condo to beryllium identified of the 98 victims removed from the rubble. He said that ends a torturous four-week hold for Hedaya's family.

It besides concluded a month-long effort to painstakingly region the past of a upland of debris during a betterment effort successful which they pulled retired 98 bodies. The oceanside Champlain Towers South collapsed connected June 24 arsenic galore residents slept, an as-yet unexplained calamity that shattered a tiny coastal assemblage successful South Florida.

The tract of the illness had been mostly cleared and the debris had been relocated arsenic of precocious past week, Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said successful a statement.

However, Hedaya's household had been successful limbo the full clip due to the fact that she had not been officially recovered and identified by authorities.

After weeks of combing done a heap of metallic and factual looking for victims, Levine Cava said each 98 victims person present been identified, including 97 victims who were recovered from the illness and 1 idiosyncratic who died successful the hospital. Ninety-eight families person been notified, and each 97 radical for whom determination was a missing persons study person been recovered.

A full of 242 radical are accounted for, Levine Cava said.

As clip went by, it became wide that it was improbable teams would find survivors. But the hunt was relentless, with lone pauses for unsafe upwind conditions and the demolition of the remainder of the tower.

Officials had promised families that they would not fto up until each of their loved ones were found. Now, that committedness has been fulfilled.

Levine Cava said the illness was "the largest non-hurricane related exigency effect successful the past of our state." While thing tin bring backmost the victims of the collapse, Levine Cava said "we person done everything imaginable to bring closure to the families."

For the past 33 days, archetypal responders "have searched the rubble arsenic if they were searching for 1 of their own," the politician said.

"Nothing, we tin accidental oregon bash volition bring backmost these 90 angels who near down grieving families, beloved friends, loved ones crossed this assemblage and crossed the world," Levine Cava said. "But we person done everything imaginable to bring closure to the families, and I americium particularly arrogant that done these tireless efforts, we were able, astatine last, to bring closure to each those who reported missing loved ones."

Some families torn apart, others gone entirely

Victims of the calamity ranged successful property from 1 to 92, and the families grieving them represented the diverseness of the tiny cosmopolitan town.

The tight-knit Jewish assemblage mourned their loved ones, arsenic did families from arsenic acold arsenic Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia.

Some, similar Jonathan Epstein, mislaid some of his parents, Bonnie and David.

In different cases, full families were wiped retired successful a moment, arsenic was the lawsuit with Anaely Rodriguez, Marcus Guara and the children Lucia and Emma Guara.

Sergio Lozano had meal with his parents hours earlier the collapse, helium told CNN. After dinner, helium hugged and kissed his parents.

"That was it," helium said.

Lozano went location to his condo conscionable 2 blocks away, and heard the thunderous dependable of his parents' location coming down.

The stories of families that died unneurotic oregon were torn isolated vary, but the experiences of those near down were eerily similar: a glimpse of the news, frantic calls and texts that went unanswered and the agony of waiting retired the hunt until they learned what happened.

Investigation into illness volition begin

Now authorities tin crook their attraction to the probe of what caused the collapse.

The Miami-Dade Fire Department transitioned the hunt and betterment effort to the constabulary department.

The archetypal nighttime that helium was connected the scene, structural technologist Allyn Kilsheimer, who besides investigated the aftermath of the 9/11 onslaught connected the Pentagon, said helium had astir 20 oregon 30 theories of imaginable triggers.

Since then, helium eliminated immoderate but added 5 oregon six more, helium said, but won't beryllium capable to constrictive it down portion the hunt continues.

Investigators were brought connected to the incidental rapidly aft the gathering collapsed, but overmuch of their enactment had to hold until the hunt was implicit and constabulary and rescue teams were done with the site.

"Until they bash their job, we can't spell successful to bash samples of materials and instrumentality those samples and trial them to recognize what the assorted components of the gathering that came down was," Kilsheimer told CNN's Ana Cabrera.

Florida State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has acknowledged "multiple requests by engineers and attorneys" to summation entree to the site.

"Engineers from the national bureau National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were deployed to Surfside with Congressional authorization to stitchery grounds and find however and wherefore the Champlain South Tower collapsed. NIST is the fact-finding bureau liable for investigating gathering collapses specified arsenic the World Trade Center, overmuch similar the NTSB investigates level crashes," Rundle said successful a statement.

"It is my knowing that erstwhile NIST, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami-Dade Police Departments find that it is harmless and due for others to summation entree to the site, they volition beryllium permitted to bash truthful nether guidelines acceptable distant by those agencies," Rundle said.

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