‘Just Do The Right Thing’: MBTA Bus Driver Finds Purse In Road, Returns It To Owner

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By Juli McDonald

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    BELMONT, Massachusetts (WBZ) — For drivers similar Djiby Sow, who spends his days connecting cities and towns with the MBTA, truthful overmuch of the occupation depends connected paying attention.

“As a autobus operator you ever person to marque definite of what’s astir you, what’s successful beforehand of you,” Sow said.

Much of the way is regular – but past there’s the unexpected – similar a purse successful the mediate of the roadworthy successful Belmont.

“I was conscionable going to marque definite nary substance what, astatine the extremity of the nighttime that woman volition marque definite she has her stuff,” Sow said.

He drove the aforesaid way for astir 5 hours, slowing down wherever helium recovered the bag, hoping to spot its owner. Turns retired she was looking for him, tracking his autobus way connected the Find My Phone app.

“As soon arsenic they recovered me, they couldn’t judge it. They were truthful excited and happy. They were truly bully people. I’m truthful gladsome I was capable to conscionable those benignant of radical connected my birthday,” Sow said.

The pistillate got her valuables back, but Sow says helium got thing retired of it too.

“I consciousness similar this satellite is beauteous tiny but that’s what we person to do, we got to assistance each other,” Sow said. “Just bash the close happening and we should beryllium alright.”

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