Iconic Blue Flame Building to reignite downtown El Paso skyline

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El Paso

EL PASO, Texas -- Starting Tuesday night, the bluish occurrence atop the erstwhile El Paso Natural Gas gathering downtown volition radiance erstwhile again.

A expansive opening ceremonial was held earlier successful the time for the re-named Blue Flame Building astatine 304 Texas Avenue, which is present owned by the Housing Authority of El Paso.

It was a $36 cardinal task to wholly redevelop the iconic 18-story gathering that archetypal opened successful 1954. The gathering was converted from bureau abstraction into a mixed-use improvement that features 120 affordable apartments.

The refurbishing task utilized some taxation incentives for historically designated buildings and affordable-housing taxation credits, unneurotic with backstage financing.

The bluish occurrence atop of the gathering is besides connected to Accu-weather and volition airy up depending connected upwind conditions: "When the occurrence is blue, nary alteration is due. When the occurrence is red, warmer weather's ahead. When the occurrence is gold, cooler weather's foretold. A flickering occurrence means wind, snowfall oregon rain."

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