Hollywood's tragic history of on-set accidents

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(CNN)Hollywood is the onshore of marque believe, but the precise existent specter of decease tin hover implicit tv and movie sets.

The decease of 42-year-old manager of photography Halyna Hutchins portion moving connected the movie "Rust" successful New Mexico after histrion Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun is conscionable the latest on-set tragedy.

There person been aggregate cases of deaths of unit members and stunt radical astatine work, including a pistillate stunt idiosyncratic who died portion performing connected the acceptable of "Deadpool 2" successful 2017.

    Cast members person besides died from accidents during accumulation including:

      Brandon Lee

      In 1993, Brandon Lee, was filming the last scenes of the movie "The Crow" erstwhile helium died aft being changeable with a prop gun.

      Actor Michael Massee, who played cause trader Funboyin the film, fired astatine Lee during a country which with a weapon that was aboriginal recovered to person been beryllium improperly loaded.

      Dummy bullets had been replaced with cardboard wadding, but a slug fragment had breached disconnected and remained successful the gun.

      That metallic extremity from the dummy slug deed Lee's abdomen. The lad of the renowned martial-arts maestro and histrion Bruce Lee was 28.

      Lee's household released a statement pursuing Hutchins death.

      "Our hearts spell retired to the household of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and each progressive successful the incidental connected "Rust"," the connection read. "No 1 should ever beryllium killed by a weapon connected a movie set. Period."

      Jon-Erik Hexum

      Jon-Erik Hexum became celebrated successful 1982 aft snagging the pb relation of Phineas Bogg successful the NBC bid "Voyagers!."

      The gangly and strikingly handsome histrion was a rising prima and soon formed to play Mac Harper, a CIA operative posing arsenic a antheral exemplary successful the TV bid "Cover Up."

      While filming, Hexum reportedly was playing astir with a prop weapon from a country and changeable himself successful the head.

      The blank drove a portion of his skull into his brain, and helium was taken disconnected of beingness enactment a week later. His quality was aboriginal written disconnected the show.

      Vic Morrow

      Victor Morrow had a longstanding vocation arsenic an histrion and manager by the clip helium recovered himself starring successful "Twilight Zone: The Movie" successful 1982.

      Morrow was playing a racist who is sent backmost successful clip and placed successful situations successful which helium is persecuted.

      In a country directed by John Landis, the histrion and 2 kid actors, 7-year-old Myca Dinh Le and 6-year-old Renee Shin-Yi Chen, were being filmed fleeing from a Vietnamese colony during the Vietnam warfare portion a US Army chopper hovered implicit them.

        The copter crashed pursuing a pyrotechnic explosion, landing connected Morrow, 53, and the children who were killed.

        Landis, the aviator and 3 others were charged with involuntary manslaughter. They were all acquitted pursuing a precocious illustration proceedings which lasted astir 9 months.

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