Google Cloud teams up with SAP to fast-track cloud-based business migrations

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The caller concern is designed to assistance customers much rapidly migrate captious concern systems to the unreality and entree antithetic SAP services and products via Google Cloud.


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Google Cloud and SAP are teaming up successful an effort to assistance organizations trying to determination their important concern systems to a cloud-based environment. In an announcement released connected Thursday, the 2 companies revealed an expanded concern that would assistance customers instrumentality concern transformations, migrate systems to the cloud, and beef up their existing concern systems with Google Cloud's artificial quality and instrumentality learning capabilities.

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With this team-up, Google Cloud volition service arsenic a spouse for the RISE with SAP service, a substance of existing SAP resources that purpose to enactment unreality migrations with business-transformation-as-a-service. Google Cloud volition besides beryllium location to respective cardinal SAP services and products, including the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solutions wrong SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

As such, the concern volition springiness organizations a mode to integrate SAP solutions, SAP BTP, and Google Cloud with AI, ML and analytics arsenic they enactment to alteration their businesses successful the cloud, according to Thomas Saueressig, subordinate of the Executive Board of SAP SE and liable for SAP Product Engineering.

"We're delighted to spouse with SAP to accelerate business' integer transformations with SAP connected Google Cloud and with next-generation unreality capabilities," Rob Enslin, president astatine Google Cloud, said successful a property release. "Through enactment for RISE with SAP and in-depth integrations betwixt SAP and Google Cloud, this caller concern volition alteration customers to seamlessly bring their astir captious concern systems and applications to a future-proof, secure, and low-latency situation and to tally them sustainably, connected the industry's cleanest cloud."

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