Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer is a victim of assault and theft

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By Alexandra Meeks, CNN

Former US Sen. Barbara Boxer of California was a unfortunate of battle and theft Monday successful the Jack London Square vicinity of Oakland, her bureau said.

“The assailant pushed her successful the back, stole her compartment telephone and jumped successful a waiting car,” a spokesperson from Boxer’s bureau said. “She is thankful that she was not earnestly injured.”

The battle and robbery occurred Monday astatine 1:15 p.m. section clip successful the 300 artifact of 3rd Street, the Oakland Police Department confirmed to CNN.

The fishy “forcefully took” Boxer’s compartment telephone and fled the country successful a adjacent waiting vehicle, constabulary said.

Boxer, 80, said she was “shook up” pursuing the assault.

“He pushed maine precise hard… and earlier I could travel him, helium grabbed my phone,” Boxer told CNN affiliate KPIX. “I’m not physically wounded astatine all, I’m conscionable shook up.”

Boxer said she believes the fishy did not cognize who she was and described him arsenic idiosyncratic nether 18 who fled the country successful a achromatic sedan, according to KPIX.

“I was yelling astatine the kid ‘Why would you bash this to a grandma?’ but helium could attraction less,” Boxer said successful the interview.

This incidental is presently being investigated by the constabulary department’s robbery section, constabulary said. The section is offering up to $2,000 arsenic a reward starring to an apprehension successful the case.

The erstwhile Democratic legislator served from 1993 to 2017, erstwhile she was succeeded by now-Vice President Kamala Harris.

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