El Pasoan Daniel Amigo continues chasing his hoop dreams

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EL PASO, Texas - Daniel Amigo isn't rather acceptable to springiness up connected his hoop dreams.

While the travel playing pro hoops has been agelong and challenging, Amigo is giving it everything he's got.

Amigo has traveled each implicit the world, playing professionally successful Mexico and successful Europe, but there's 1 destination that eludes him, the NBA.

After graduating from Coronado High School successful 2014, Amigo played 4 years astatine the University of Denver.

Amigo was a prima subordinate for the Pioneers, and aft leaving Denver successful 2018, Amigo took disconnected to the Euro Leagues to commencement his nonrecreational career.

"It's conscionable been a grind," Amigo said. "You conscionable got to support going. Overseas playing successful Europe it's truly hard, you are distant from your family, distant from friends for 9 months. It's truly hard to beryllium retired there, but you conscionable got to support grinding."

Amigo precocious had a changeable astatine making the 2020 Olympics successful Tokyo, portion playing hoops for the Mexico nationalist team.

Mexico came adjacent to qualifying for the Summer Games, but they were eliminated successful the semi-finals of the qualifying tournament.

"I was reasoning astir it erstwhile I was there. Two wins away, if we would person won I don't cognize what I would person done," Amigo said. "It's conscionable a brainsick happening to deliberation about. To beryllium an Olympian, but we person a anticipation to bash it, truthful I can't hold to effort again."

In the meantime Amigo knows clip is of the essence if helium wants to marque it to the NBA.

"These upcoming 3 years are astir apt truly important for maine successful presumption of my career," Amigo said. "I got to marque immense jumps successful the adjacent mates of years, but evidently NBA has been my imagination since I was a small kid."

As Amigo continues connected his hoops journey, helium offered immoderate proposal to different young athletes looking to play astatine the adjacent level.

"Don't fto anybody archer you that you can't bash it," Amigo said. "There are ever going to beryllium radical hating connected your game, but conscionable support moving hard and strive to go the champion subordinate you tin be."

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