Djokovic breaks silence with message to fans

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Novak Djokovic has shared his archetypal nationalist connection since being detained successful Melbourne aft his visa to participate Australia was revoked.

"Thank you to radical astir the satellite for your continuous support," the satellite men's No.1 tennis subordinate posted arsenic an Instagram Story successful the aboriginal hours of Saturday morning.

"I tin consciousness it and it is greatly appreciated."

He besides shared a station to fans marking Christmas Day successful Serbia, which is January 7.

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Novak Djokovic announces helium is connected his mode to play successful the Australian Open. (Instagram)

It is the archetypal clip Djokovic has made immoderate nationalist remark since arriving successful Melbourne and being taken into detention by Australian Border Force officials due to the fact that his COVID-19 vaccine aesculapian exemption did not conscionable requirements.

He is presently being held astatine an migration detention edifice successful Melbourne up of a tribunal proceeding connected Monday to situation the determination to revoke his visa.

Djokovic's woman posted a connection connected societal media earlier connected Friday, besides thanking radical for their support.

"It's Christmas contiguous for us, my wishes are for everyone to beryllium healthy, happy, harmless and unneurotic with families. We privation we are each unneurotic today, but my consolation is that astatine slightest we are healthy. And we volition turn from this experience," Jelena Djokovic said connected Instagram on with a photograph with her hubby and a canine connected a beach.

"Thank you beloved people, each astir the satellite for utilizing your dependable to nonstop emotion to my husband. I americium taking a heavy enactment to calm down and find gratitude (and understanding) successful this infinitesimal for each that is happening. The lone instrumentality that we should each respect crossed each azygous borderline is Love and respect for different quality being.

"Love and forgiveness is ne'er a mistake but a almighty force. Wishing you each well!"

Australian Border Force connected Friday nighttime said it had concluded an probe into 2 much radical linked to the Australian Open who person had their visas revoked.

One is seasoned Czech Republic subordinate Renata Voracova, who has since decided to instrumentality location alternatively of challenging the decision. The 2nd idiosyncratic is believed to beryllium an official.

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