Dad opens up about daughter found dead on July 16

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By KCAL Staff

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    LOS ANGELES (KCAL) — Skeletal remains recovered past week successful a wetlands country adjacent Venice person been identified arsenic those of a missing 32-year-old woman, Kolby Story, according to a study from the LA County Coroner’s Office.

In an exclusive interrogation with CBSLA’s Laurie Perez, Brian Story, the victim’s father, spoke astir the ordeal and his daughter.

“She got older, precise funny, precise sarcastic, you cognize ever had thing to say,” Brian Story said. “She has a full household that, you know, misses her precise much.”

The 32-year-old parent of 2 sons had past been seen connected Dec. 7, 2020, successful the 12300 artifact of Pacific Avenue successful Mar Vista.

Police person not said whether determination are immoderate suspects successful Story’s decease and her begetter said helium didn’t privation to speculate, but helium did accidental helium was shocked by what helium saw erstwhile helium went looking for his girl that night. She had called him earlier to fto him cognize that she was heading there.

“I had nary thought it was thing similar that erstwhile she told maine she was going down there, none,” Brian Story said. “I felt unsafe successful that Venice Beach area. That stateless concern is simply a monolithic occupation down there. So, who knows? She could person tally into a atrocious person.”

On July 16, during the stateless encampment cleanups taking spot on the Venice Boardwalk, constabulary recovered Story’s checkbook and driver’s licence successful a formation tunnel.

A hunt was conducted, and aboriginal that day, authorities recovered her remains successful the adjacent Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, located southbound of Marina Del Rey.

Her begetter said they knew it was her that time due to the fact that of a necklace recovered with the remains, and added that helium knew it agelong before.

“My girl and I were truly adjacent and, you know, their archetypal happening was with missing persons was well, ‘Oh, she could person ran disconnected into the woods.’ I said, ‘She whitethorn not telephone anyone connected the planet, but she would telephone me.’ So, I knew thing was wrong,” Brian Story said.

A GoFundMe run has been setup to assistance enactment Story’s sons, aged 15 and 7.

“It’s been conscionable torture,” her begetter said, “eight months not knowing, conscionable hoping for the best, praying for the best, but preparing for the worst conscionable due to the fact that I cognize my daughter. She wouldn’t conscionable vanish and not telephone me.”

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