Could Ascarate Park get a name change? How does Ascarate Meadows sound?

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EL PASO, Texas -- Ascarate Park Golf & Aquatics is 1 of the oldest, largest and astir good known parks successful El Paso but beauteous soon that acquainted sanction could beryllium nary more.

It's a taxable that came up successful Monday's commissioner tribunal gathering and portion it's not acceptable successful stone, 1 sanction being thrown astir is Ascarate Meadows.

For County Judge Ricardo Samaniego a caller sanction would beryllium much each encompassing.

"If we created the sanction alteration than radical would besides recognize that it's changed and determination are caller things there," Samaniego said.

Before we spot a alteration though, archetypal the thought volition beryllium taken to the public. The commissioners tribunal plans connected sending retired a survey.

ABC-7 decided to inquire El Pasoans precisely what they deliberation and the responses were mixed.

"I similar it the mode it is close now," Daniel Swanberg said. But I deliberation a caller sanction could beryllium an fantabulous alteration that would pull much radical to this area."

"Keep the name," David Ehuerta said. "That's the mode everybody knows it."

Not lone volition the survey inquire if determination should beryllium a sanction alteration astatine all, but it volition besides inquire for your caller sanction suggestions. Some of the names El Pasoans told ABC-7 were Ascarate Recreational Area, Ascarate Sports Complex, Ascarate Lake Park, Ascarate Country Resort.

If determination is to beryllium a sanction change, County Commissioners made it precise wide the sanction would ever see Ascarate.

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