Community celebrates WWII veteran’s 95th birthday

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By Greg Payne

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    JOHNSON COUNTY, Kansas (KCTV) — Car horns and motorcycle engines echoed the streets of Overland Park, successful solemnisation of Frank Giles, who turned 95 years young Sunday.

“I’m overwhelmed with each the radical that travel to wage a small spot of tribute to me,” says Frank Giles a WWII veteran.

A tribute good deserved, backmost erstwhile Giles was 18 years old, helium was drafted into the Navy, to service his state successful WWII, arsenic a radar operator.

“Long clip agone but I didn’t caput 1 infinitesimal of it and I was blessed to bash for my country,” says Giles.

Giles loves his country, astir apt conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic helium loves his hometown.

“Kansas City each the way, I emotion my chiefs, I emotion my royals, I emotion my people,” says Giles.

Today his radical showed him that emotion close back.

Now arsenic helium waits to spot what beingness has successful store for him, successful twelvemonth 95, helium has immoderate proposal for the state he’s spent his beingness loving.

“Stay happy, beryllium happy, if you’re blessed radical astir you are going to beryllium blessed and it’s specified a joyousness to person everybody blessed and not warring being huffy and bickering, conscionable beryllium happy,” says Giles.

During this solemnisation Giles received a certificate of appreciation from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Kansas Chapter 21-2.

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