Colorado 10-year-old dies as health officials investigate plague activity

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By Dakin Andone, CNN

The decease of a 10-year-old successful Colorado has been linked to plague as authorities wellness officials warn they are investigating reports of the bacterial corruption successful animals and fleas.

The 10-year-old nonmigratory of La Plata County “died from causes associated with plague,” the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said successful a quality merchandise Thursday.

The decease comes amid “laboratory confirmed reports of plague successful animals and fleas successful six counties,” including La Plata, wherever investigating has confirmed the beingness of plague successful a illustration of fleas collected there.

Plague is simply a bacterial illness that tin beryllium transmitted to humans done the bites of infected rodent fleas oregon handling infected animals, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Though notorious arsenic the cause of decease for tens of millions crossed Europe during the Middle Ages, plague tin beryllium efficaciously treated with modern antibiotics if caught aboriginal enough, per the CDC. Just a fistful of cases are reported successful the US each year.

“In Colorado, we expect to person fleas trial affirmative for plague during the summertime months,” Jennifer House, Deputy State Epidemiologist and Public Health Veterinarian for CDPHE, said successful a statement.

“Awareness and precautions tin assistance forestall the illness successful people,” House said. “While it’s uncommon for radical to declaration plague, we privation to marque definite everyone knows the symptoms. The illness is treatable if caught early.”

The symptoms see a “sudden on-set of precocious fever and/or swollen lymph nodes,” CDPHE said, adding officials wanted residents to cognize the signs of plague, which is “frequently detected successful stone squirrels, woodrats, and different taxon of crushed squirrels and chipmunks.”

Prairie dogs are besides susceptible, and 1 motion of plague tin beryllium the abrupt disappearance of the animal, which is progressive supra ground.

“If you announcement decreased rodent enactment successful an country wherever you usually spot progressive rodents, interaction your section nationalist wellness agency,” the CDPHE said.

Pets tin besides beryllium infected, and CDPHE advised residents to usage flea power products.

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CNN’s Raja Razek contributed to this report.

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