College professor recognizes 17th century masterpiece hanging in a nearby church

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By Lauren M. Johnson, CNN

A elemental enactment led to an creation past prof discovering a 17th century masterpiece that was thought to person been missing.

Church of the Holy Family is located conscionable a fewer blocks from the field of Iona College, and Tom Ruggio told CNN helium would sometimes sojourn during the church’s “off hours” for the quiescent and solitude.

Ruggio lived successful Italy for astir 9 years studying art, and erstwhile helium walked successful the religion with the lights a small brighter than normal, helium couldn’t judge what caught his eye.

“Up successful the mediate of the church, precocious up connected the close side, I instantly identified an Italian Baroque painting, and I couldn’t judge what I was looking at,” Ruggio said.

“So, I got up and started taking pictures with my compartment telephone and I was precise excited. I was initially stunned, but precise excited.”

Ruggio contacted colleagues successful Italy and came to find retired the coating was a portion by Cesare Dandini, called “Holy Family with the Infant St. John.” The coating has been hanging successful the religion for the past 60 years, but Ruggio estimates it was painted successful the 1630s, based connected immoderate different works of art.

The coating is portion of a bid of 4 works called “Charity.” Another of the Dandini paintings hangs successful the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, with a instauration day astir the aforesaid time, and a 3rd is successful the Hermitage successful St. Petersburg, Russia. The 4th coating is unaccounted for. Ruggio said lone a achromatic and achromatic photograph proves its existence.

“The 4 paintings are connected and, fascinatingly capable to me, is doing thing that astir Baroque painters aren’t doing immoderate much successful the 17th century. Many of them are going consecutive to canvas,” Ruggio said. “So my contention is, he’s portion of a Renaissance legacy, and continuing the contented of moving connected paper.”

The paintings are besides painted successful a benignant of cartoon style, Ruggio said.

“It’s beauteous fascinating. So, not lone bash we get a beardown — beauteous overmuch arsenic I telephone a slam-dunk — attribution due to the fact that of the connecting paintings, but we besides get a look astatine its process,” helium said.

So however did the coating extremity up successful the religion each this years? Well, that portion is inactive a mystery, Ruggio said. It’s rumored to person been bought overseas by 1 of the church’s erstwhile monsignors successful the 1960’s, helium said.

But now, the coating is being loaned to Iona for 3 months successful an grounds connected campus. It’s escaped for the nationalist and includes reproductions of the corresponding works, and immoderate works that explicate Dandini’s improvement and his process.

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