Clint ISD teachers focused on addressing learning loss as students return to the classroom

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HORIZON CITY, Texas -- The Clint Independent School District kicked disconnected the start of the schoolhouse twelvemonth connected Monday. ABC-7 spoke to respective teacher who said they're excited to person students back, but expect galore challenges.

Jullian Gandarilla, a teacher astatine Frank Macias Elementary School, said virtual learning was hard for respective of his students past schoolhouse year.

"Some kids don't person the enactment astatine location that they person present astatine school," Gandarilla said. "It was precise hard to enactment with immoderate of the kids and teaching them caller content."

Gandarilla said helium anticipates galore students person apt undergone immoderate benignant of learning nonaccomplishment implicit the past year. However, having students backmost successful the schoolroom volition assistance him absorption connected each 1 individually.

"It's precise important to person students backmost successful the schoolroom due to the fact that they don't get the aforesaid engagement (at school) than they would astatine home," Gandarilla said. "They're capable to speech to their peers and I'm capable to assistance them with their classwork."

Pre-Kinder teacher Heather Lopez said she won't cognize if her students person immoderate benignant of learning loss, "because (pre-k) is wherever they're starting."

Lopez said what she's acrophobic astir are her student's centrifugal skills, "which would beryllium them cutting, holding a pencil."

Lopez anticipates moving connected gathering up those skills earlier they get the to adjacent people level.

Teachers, similar Lopez, said they're looking guardant to making on-on-one connections with they students. Lopez said it was hard to physique a narration with her students done virtual learning.

"We didn't that (relationship) until the extremity of the twelvemonth and that's thing we execute astatine the opening of the twelvemonth usually."

Clint ISD said information is besides a main priority. All campuses volition person aerial filtration systems. Masks are besides powerfully encouraged.

New exertion is besides being implemented, similar caller information systems and "smart panels" oregon interaction surface monitors for teachers to usage successful the classroom.

"It was a hard year, past year, and this twelvemonth it's going to beryllium conscionable arsenic challenging but different," said Superintendent Juan Martinez. "(Having) our students successful the classrooms, that volition marque a large difference, of course. But we're ready."

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