CDC’s new masking guidance prompted by science that emerged in just the last several days, Walensky says

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By Jason Hanna and Madeline Holcombe, CNN

The CDC’s determination to change its disguise guidance this week was prompted by scientists’ determination — lone days aged — that vaccinated radical with breakthrough Delta coronavirus variant infections tin walk the microorganism to others, the center’s manager said Wednesday.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky said specified breakthrough infections are rare, and stressed that Covid-19 vaccines mostly forestall hospitalizations and deaths adjacent if vaccinated radical are infected.

But “with anterior variants, erstwhile (vaccinated) radical had these uncommon breakthrough infections, we didn’t spot the capableness of them to dispersed the microorganism to others,” Walensky, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director, told CNN’s “New Day.”

Now, outbreak investigations conducted successful the past mates weeks showed vaccinated radical who hap to declaration the highly contagious Delta variant “can really present walk it to idiosyncratic else,” Walensky said Wednesday.

That realization came lone “in the past respective days,” and much accusation volition beryllium published successful the coming days, she said.

Walensky had told reporters Tuesday that for Delta variant infections of vaccinated people, the magnitude of microorganism recovered successful them was “pretty akin to the magnitude of microorganism successful unvaccinated people.

Still, she said the “vast majority” of transmission is done unvaccinated people.

The CDC updated its disguise guidance Tuesday to urge afloat vaccinated radical deterioration masks indoors successful parts of the state with “substantial” oregon “high” transmission of Covid-19.

The CDC besides recommended that everyone successful and astir K-12 schools deterioration masks, adjacent if they are afloat vaccinated.

As the Delta variant precocious increased its prominence successful the US, and with the CDC saying lone 49.3% of the US colonisation had been afloat vaccinated arsenic of Tuesday, coronavirus lawsuit rates person jumped.

The US averaged much than 61,300 caller regular cases implicit the past week — an mean that’s mostly risen since the state deed a 2021 debased of 11,299 regular connected June 22, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

As of Wednesday, cases person risen successful each but 1 authorities successful the past 7 days compared to the week before, according to Johns Hopkins.

US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said the US is seeing conscionable however unsafe the variant is. “This is really what you privation to hap with science. You privation subject to beryllium dynamic, you privation recommendations to bespeak the latest science, and that’s what you spot successful the recommendations that were issued today,” Murthy told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer connected Tuesday.

Almost three-quarters of US residents unrecorded successful counties wherever indoor masking is recommended for everyone

More than 71% of the US colonisation — astir 237 cardinal radical — unrecorded successful counties considered to person “high” oregon “substantial” Covid-19 transmission, according to a CNN investigation of information published Wednesday by the CDC.

About 48% are successful “high” transmission counties, and 23% are successful counties with “substantial” transmission.

This is up from a week ago, erstwhile 50.5% of Americans lived successful specified counties.

Only 1% of the colonisation lives successful areas with “low” transmission.

The CDC considers a region to person “high” transmission if determination person been 100 oregon much cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 residents successful the past week, oregon a trial positivity complaint of 10% oregon higher during the aforesaid clip frame.

For “low” transmission, those numbers indispensable beryllium less than 10 caller cases per 100,000 oregon a trial positivity complaint nether 5%.

Vaccinated radical don’t yet request a booster, surgeon wide says aft Pfizer news

Pfizer released caller information Wednesday suggesting that a 3rd dose of its vaccine tin “strongly” boost extortion against the Delta variant — beyond the extortion afforded by the modular 2 doses.

The data, which included 23 people, has not yet been peer-reviewed oregon published.

But Murthy told CNN connected Wednesday that afloat vaccinated radical don’t request to get a booster astatine this point, if ever. And immoderate determination connected whether that volition alteration volition beryllium made by agencies specified arsenic the CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration, helium said.

“This information from Pfizer, we’ve been successful talks with them astir what they’re seeing with respect to their studies related to boosters,” Murthy told CNN’s “Newsroom” erstwhile asked astir the information release. “But astatine this point, I privation to beryllium precise clear: People bash not request to spell retired and get a booster shot.”

Murthy besides said whether it’d beryllium ethical to urge a 3rd changeable portion determination is simply a large vaccine proviso shortage successful the processing satellite was a “critical question.” The quality to trim the likelihood of aboriginal variants processing depends connected tamping down dispersed astir the world, helium said.

Pfizer anticipates submitting information connected a 3rd dose of its coronavirus vaccine to the FDA arsenic soon arsenic adjacent month, 1 of its probe and improvement leaders said during a institution net telephone Wednesday.

Vaccinations are inactive the ‘bedrock’ of ending the pandemic

While masking up volition assistance trim the dispersed of Covid-19 successful the US, getting vaccinated is inactive “the bedrock” of ending the pandemic, Murthy said.

“Vaccines inactive work. They inactive prevention lives. They inactive forestall hospitalizations astatine a remarkably precocious rate,” helium added.

Over the past 7 days, the complaint of Americans getting their archetypal vaccine shots has gone up. It was 35% higher than the erstwhile seven-day play and the highest it has been successful 3 weeks, according to CNN investigation of CDC data.

But vaccination rates are inactive not truthful precocious arsenic to get capable of the US inoculated against the microorganism to dilatory oregon halt its spread, experts person said. Many experts person advocated for vaccine requirements arsenic 1 mode to summation vaccination rates successful the US.

Los Angeles officials announced Tuesday that the metropolis volition necessitate each of its employees to amusement impervious of vaccination oregon taxable to play testing.

“The 4th question is here, and the prime for Angelenos couldn’t beryllium clearer — get vaccinated oregon get Covid-19,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “We’re committed to pursuing a afloat vaccine mandate. I impulse employers crossed Los Angeles to travel this example.”

The determination comes aft the fig of radical hospitalized with the coronavirus successful Los Angeles County astir doubled successful the past 2 weeks. There are presently 745 radical hospitalized with the virus, compared to 372 radical 2 weeks ago, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Such requirements by section entities are “very reasonable,” Murthy said Tuesday.

Some US hospitals and national agencies are mandating that employees get vaccinated against Covid-19 oregon taxable to regular testing. Murthy noted that galore backstage institutions are considering pursuing suit.

“Those are decisions the national authorities is not going to make,” Murthy said. “It’s going to beryllium institutions that marque them, but I bash deliberation that they are precise reasonable, due to the fact that this is simply a clip erstwhile we’ve got to instrumentality each steps imaginable to support not conscionable ourselves, but the radical astir us, from Covid-19.”

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