Biden administration issues new sanctions on Syria

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By Kylie Atwood, CNN

The US sanctioned Syrian prisons, Assad authorities officials and militia leaders connected Wednesday, marking the archetypal clip the Biden medication has introduced caller sanctions connected the country.

“The United States is sanctioning 8 Syrian prisons, 5 Assad authorities officials successful the institutions that tally those facilities, 2 militia groups and 2 militia leaders,” Secretary of State Tony Blinken said successful a statement. “These actions underscore the U.S. committedness to beforehand respect for quality rights and accountability for maltreatment against Syrians.”

One of the prisons was sanctioned for “serious quality rights abuse, including torture oregon different cruel, inhuman oregon degrading attraction oregon punishment and extrajudicial executions, since the commencement of the Syrian crisis,” Blinken said.

The prisons designated contiguous were photographed by a Syrian authorities defector, Caesar, who worked arsenic an authoritative lensman for the Syrian subject and exposed the regime’s ruthless and cruel attraction of detainees, Blinken said. He besides said that the enactment furthers the goals of authorities which bears the defector’s sanction — the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019.

The sanctions are portion of an effort to “promote accountability for entities and individuals that person perpetuated the suffering of the Syrian people,” Blinken explained.

Blinken said that much “than 14,000 detainees person reportedly died aft being tortured astatine the hands of the Assad regime, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, portion 130,000 Syrians are reportedly inactive missing oregon detained.”

The Biden medication has maintained the tiny US subject footprint successful Syria, and continues to telephone for a governmental solution to the more-than-a-decade-long civilian warfare successful the country.

“We impulse the planetary assemblage to articulation our calls for a nationwide ceasefire, the contiguous merchandise of those arbitrarily detained, and for accusation astir the destiny of the missing. The Assad authorities indispensable cognize that these steps are captious to immoderate lasting bid oregon economical prosperity successful Syria,” Blinken said.

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