Banned star at centre of COVID scare tests negative

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United States rod vaulter Sam Kendricks says helium has had 4 antagonistic coronavirus tests, including 1 aft the the affirmative effect that concisely sent members of the Australian squad into isolation.

Kendricks is retired of the Tokyo Olympics aft returning a affirmative test, a harsh reminder of the realities of these Games.

The 28-year-old won golden astatine some the 2017 and 2019 satellite titles, arsenic good arsenic a bronze medal astatine the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Noting that he's successful "fine health", Kendricks posted a video connected Instagram explaining his dilemma.

"I was each acceptable to vie this Saturday astatine my 2nd Olympic Games," helium said.

US rod vaulter Sam Kendricks. (Getty)

"Sadly, today, I was removed from the contention owed to a affirmative coronavirus test, contempt having passed 2 (tests) astatine location and 1 successful the airdrome connected the mode to Tokyo.

"I'm out."

Kendricks past showed the camera his COVID-19 trial that helium took aft being moved to isolation, intelligibly revealing a antagonistic result.

"The aforesaid self-test I took erstwhile I got to isolation - 10 days successful isolation - it was a antagonistic arsenic well," helium explained.

"But for the involvement of protocols, the Japanese accidental I americium out.

"I person nary recourse, but to beryllium successful isolation and ticker the Olympics."

It comes arsenic Tokyo confirms 3865 caller infections, a grounds for a azygous day.

American rod vault prima Sam Kendricks. (Getty)

Australia's athletes person been fixed the all-clear, aft 3 casual contacts of Kendricks returned a antagonistic test.

The rod vault gets underway connected Saturday morning.

"I privation you to cognize this, Team USA, you're my team," Kendricks said.

"I volition ever beryllium rooting for the Red, White and Blue.

"My men successful the rod vault. You're my friends, spell person a large time, bask the Olympics.

"Miss maine if you want, but I'll beryllium connected the roadworthy soon after, to vie successful each different event, and hopefully we'll each person fine, agelong careers.

"On a last note, my person Matt Ludwig, 4th spot astatine the United States Olympic trials, I would anticipation helium would get connected a level soon and travel vie successful my stead."

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