Arkansas Children’s hospitals report record high number of children hospitalized with Covid-19

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By Martin Savidge, Jason Morris and Eric Levenson, CNN

Arkansas Children’s hospitals study a grounds fig of children are hospitalized with Covid-19 arsenic the unwellness continues to prey upon the state’s unvaccinated population.

The hospitals, located successful Little Rock and Springdale, said 24 pediatric patients were hospitalized with Covid-19 connected Wednesday, a 50% summation implicit immoderate erstwhile highest during the pandemic. Of the 24 children, 7 are successful intensive attraction and 2 are connected ventilators, the infirmary said. More than fractional of them could person been vaccinated — anyone 12 and implicit is eligible for a escaped changeable — but nary of those hospitalized had done so.

“We’re seeing a existent surge with the Delta variant that we did not spot previously,” Dr. Rick Barr, main objective serviceman astatine Arkansas Children’s Hospital, told CNN. “This is the worst that we’ve seen it for kids, absolutely.”

In general, children person little terrible unwellness from Covid-19, but they are not immune to the microorganism and tin occasionally person superior issues. Barr said kid hospitalizations person go much communal precocious — and parents are taken aback erstwhile they spot the level of attraction their children need.

“They’re shocked due to the fact that the messaging retired determination has been that kids don’t truly get sick with Covid, and we didn’t spot superior illnesses, but for uncommon instances, with the erstwhile variants,” helium said. “So parents are some shocked and present they recognize the worth of vaccines. In fact, they’re encouraging different parents to get their kids vaccinated.”

The emergence successful puerility hospitalizations successful Arkansas comes amid a crisp emergence successful full Covid-19 hospitalizations successful the state, which person surged from astir 200 patients connected June 12 to 946 patients arsenic of Monday, according to information from Health and Human Services. Hospitalizations from Covid-19 are inactive beneath the peaks of January and past July, however.

The surge successful cases shows fewer signs of slowing, too. Arkansas besides has the third-highest fig of cases per capita implicit the past 7 days, according to CDC data.

Arkansas has the third-lowest vaccination complaint of immoderate state, with astir 41% of residents afloat vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But successful a affirmative sign, the seven-day mean of vaccine doses administered has astir doubled successful the past 2 weeks amid a renewed absorption connected their importance.

Barr told CNN that erstwhile a kid comes into the infirmary with Covid-19, helium asks the parents whether they person been vaccinated.

“We find that often they are not vaccinated,” helium said. “We’ve seen aggregate instances wherever they present privation they’d gotten their kid vaccinated.”

Nurse’s conflict to get her parent vaccinated

The immense bulk of Covid-19 deaths, though, stay among unvaccinated older radical — a information that Rachel Rosser knows each excessively well.

Rosser is simply a caregiver and the objective operations manager astatine Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital successful Springdale, successful the northwest portion of the state. But her aesculapian expertise wasn’t capable to person her 63-year-old mother, Kim Maginn, a teacher and grandmother, to get the shot.

“She was not vaccinated. She told maine she thought that if she was going to get it, she would person already gotten it,” Rosser told CNN.

“I said, ‘Maybe you’ve conscionable been fortunate truthful far. You’re successful truly large shape, but you’re not Superwoman. You’re not Wonder Woman. You could inactive get it.’ And I said, ‘You’re successful large shape, but you’re inactive 63,’ and I gave her aesculapian facts. I pleaded connected an affectional side, ‘What would we bash without you? Can you ideate what our lives would beryllium similar without you?’ “

The pleas didn’t work. And successful June, her parent became infected with Covid-19, and past came the fever and starkly debased blood-oxygen levels, which led her to the ICU and past the ventilator. Rosser knew what would hap next.

“I had sat with truthful galore different patients erstwhile their families couldn’t beryllium with them oregon didn’t consciousness beardown capable to beryllium with them and held their loved one’s hands, and I couldn’t not bash that for my mom,” she said.

Maginn died of Covid-19 connected July 6. Rosser said she wishes she pushed much for the vaccine.

“I’m aggravated that she didn’t get vaccinated. And I personally consciousness blameworthy that I didn’t effort harder,” she said.

Her begetter was besides unvaccinated — and that’s wherever Rosser yet drew the line.

“I broke down connected his beforehand structure 1 time aft going to sojourn my ma successful the ICU and I conscionable told him, I said, ‘I americium not doing this again. You request to get vaccinated. I’m not doing this again. I’m not going done this again,'” she said.

“And helium did. He went the adjacent time and got his archetypal shot.”

He got his 2nd dose this past Friday.

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CNN’s Hayley Simonson contributed to this report.

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