Agency picks up equivalent of a 4 story building in trash just one year

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By Stephanie Muñiz

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    ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KOAT) — During the past fewer weeks we person seen piles of trash interval down the arroyos during rainstorms.

Once the rainfall passes the bare bottles, integrative bags and styrofoam request to beryllium picked up.

The Executive Engineer, Jerry Lovato, astatine the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority besides known arsenic AMAFCA said “We utilized to prime things up by manus past we started going to mechanical methods to prime up trash.

In bid to debar the trash flowing into the Rio Grande, AMAFCA picks up the equivalent of a 4 communicative gathering successful conscionable 1 year.

“We besides get car parts, couches, refrigerators, TVs and carnal carcasses,” said Lovato.

Because of this they person diversion channels that filter retired the trash.

Lovato said, “One of those cases wherever we enactment a weir in. The h2o builds up, it passes done immoderate of those underground conduits that reduces the flow. Then connected the different broadside that cleans the travel to the adjacent facility.”

He says it’s an ongoing situation to effort and support the arroyos clean. He has a connection for radical who dump trash successful the channels.

“I would conscionable accidental delight usage a dumpster, there’s a batch of dumpsters successful town. Please usage a dumpster,” said Lovato.

Aside from separating trash, AMAFCA diverts h2o from existent travel paths, this helps debar properties from getting flooded. That maneuver besides helps utilize the tempest water.

“Storm drainage implicit the past 50 years has changed a lot. In the past it was to drawback the h2o arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable and get it to the Rio Grande arsenic rapidly arsenic possible. Today it’s each astir slowing the h2o down due to the fact that tempest h2o is simply a resource,” said Lovato.

According to AMAFCA they person implicit 70 flood power dams and ponds passim Albuquerque.

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