After Unwittingly Buying Expensive ‘Gray Market’ Camera That’s Now Broken, Couple Left With ‘$800 Paperweight’

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By Lauren Victory

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    CHICAGO, Illinois (WBBM) — A representation is worthy a 1000 words, and 1000 bucks is astir however overmuch a westbound suburban photographer’s camera cost, but the instrumentality is worthless now, and nary 1 volition hole it.

CBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory takes america down the lens of thing called the “gray market.”

Lisa Gaylord loves looking for birds successful Glen Ellyn’s woods. These days, she’s besides looking for an explanation. The quality person wants to marque bid with a breached camera that seemingly nary 1 volition fix.

“I saw connected immoderate of the forums that this is simply a reasonably communal problem,” said Bruce Gaylord, who bought a Nikon COOLPIX P1000 for $799.99 for his woman successful September 2019.

Her problems began conscionable earlier migration play this year.

“You should beryllium capable to spot done the viewfinder and it lone shows black,” said Mrs. Gaylord, demonstrating the contented for CBS2. “When I property the on/off button, the lens should extend. I crook it connected and nothing.”

Every Nikon artillery Lisa tried had the aforesaid result.

“I’m like, there’s nary mode they could each beryllium dead. I didn’t usage them all. And I person a batch of batteries, due to the fact that I don’t privation to ever miss shot,” the birdwatcher said.

Her beauteous enactment pictures came to halt. Not lone was the year-and-a-half aged camera not nether warranty, but Nikon besides refused to repair it.

“They’re [Nikon] like, ‘We deliberation it’s a grey market’ which I had nary hint what it was,” Mrs. Gaylord said.

A “Gray Market Warning” is connected Nikon’s website.

Camera shaper Canon has an alert too.

It’s astir each instrumentality that’s imported. The companies accidental they’ll lone work cameras sold by authorized dealers successful the United States.

But it’s not similar the Gaylords bought their Nikon connected immoderate random website. They purchased it done Walmart.

“They should person a bully mentation that’s intolerable to miss,” said Mr. Gaylord.

Turns retired the listing connected Walmart did person the abbreviation for planetary successful its title, though nary statement of what “int’l model” means.

Though a fewer products explicitly said “no warranty,” CBS 2 recovered respective different planetary items without a grey marketplace warning.

Walmart told the Gaylords that the camera successful question was shipped and sold by a third-party company.

A spokesperson for the retail elephantine told CBS 2 it is communal for those sellers to connection their ain warranties, and successful this lawsuit the one-year warranty was expired. The Gaylords’ refund model is besides expired.

They’re consenting to wage to hole the equipment, but the camera needs a Nikon part. Repair shops would suffer their Nikon authorization if they hole a grey marketplace camera, according to the suburban couple.

“We astatine slightest privation radical to cognize to beryllium careful,” said Mrs. Gaylord, who shared her communicative hoping to amended others.

The birds volition ever unbend her, but the concern with the camera is frustrating. Their nickname for it: $800 paperweight.

CBS 2 asked Walmart if planetary merchandise descriptions volition beryllium updated with much details astir the grey market. We did not perceive backmost astir that question.

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