5 things to know for July 28: Coronavirus, Capitol riot, China, Brexit, Olympics

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By AJ Willingham, CNN

Wildfires successful the US have burned astir 3 cardinal acres truthful acold this year. That’s much than the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

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1. Coronavirus

The CDC has updated its disguise guidance to urge that fully vaccinated radical deterioration masks indoors successful areas with precocious transmission of Covid-19. Right now, that includes astir two-thirds of US counties. The caller guidance besides recommends cosmopolitan masking for everyone successful schools, careless of vaccination status. The instrumentality of masks inevitably means the contented volition beryllium adjacent much politically charged, but Dr. Anthony Fauci says the caller guidance is due to the fact that the microorganism has changed — not the subject down its prevention. Across the globe, the Australian superior of Sydney has extended a lockdown by 4 weeks aft an already protracted stay-at-home bid failed to douse a Covid-19 outbreak. In Thailand, citizens seeking attraction for Covid-19 are being sent location by train to alleviate unit connected the country’s aesculapian strategy from mounting cases and deaths.

2. Capitol riot

Four constabulary officers offered harrowing testimony yesterday during the archetypal proceeding held by the House prime committee investigating the January 6 attack. The officers described being beaten and dragged, having radical slurs hurled astatine them, oregon screaming successful agony arsenic they were crushed by rioters. One serviceman who served successful Iraq said helium was much acrophobic during the insurrection than helium was astatine immoderate constituent successful a warfare zone. After the hearing, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney rebuked GOP leadership for, successful her estimation, failing to instrumentality the probe and the fallout from the January 6 onslaught seriously. Many Republicans are looking to downplay the governmental motivations and effects of the attack, portion Democrats are preparing to drill down connected erstwhile President Donald Trump’s relation successful it all.

3. China

China appears to beryllium expanding its atomic capabilities by gathering a 2nd tract of rocket silos successful its occidental deserts, US researchers accidental successful a caller report. The study says China’s caller proliferation of rocket silos — much than 120 are being built successful different state — is the “most extended silo operation since the US and Soviet rocket silo operation during the Cold War.” Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had decisive words for China’s caller assertive actions successful the South China Sea portion and beyond. Speaking successful Singapore yesterday, Austin said the US does not privation subject struggle with China, but “will not flinch erstwhile our interests are threatened.”

4. Brexit

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to summation support from EU leaders to rejoin an planetary pact called the Lugano Convention, which deals with ineligible issues and rights successful cross-border disputes. The UK dropped retired of the pact arsenic a effect of Brexit, and if it doesn’t find a mode backmost in, the country’s multi-billion-dollar ineligible services manufacture could beryllium successful jeopardy. London has a estimation arsenic the planetary superior for planetary quality resolution, and being isolated and kept retired of the Lugano Convention volition endanger that. The UK applied to rejoin successful April 2020, but the European Commission has truthful acold recommended that the EU contradict the request.

5. Olympics

US gymnast Simone Biles has withdrawn from the idiosyncratic all-around contention to absorption connected her health, raising questions astir intelligence wellness astir this antithetic Olympic season. Biles, who won 4 golden medals successful Rio, had earlier stepped distant from the squad contention arsenic well. It’s not wide whether she volition enactment successful adjacent week’s idiosyncratic lawsuit finals. Three-time Olympic golden medalist Aly Raisman and different athletes defended Biles, and Raisman questioned whether athletes “have the enactment that they need” erstwhile it comes to dealing with intelligence health. A akin speech arose erstwhile tennis prima Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open successful May, citing, among different things, unit to talk astatine media events.


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Olympics update

Swimming prima Katie Ledecky has won the women’s 1500-meter freestyle final, giving the American her archetypal golden medal of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and her sixth Olympic golden medal overall.

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$1.6 million

That’s however overmuch trade store Hobby Lobby paid for an past artifact from modern-day Iraq that the Justice Department said illegally came to the US. A New York national tribunal has ordered has ordered Hobby Lobby to forfeit the artifact, which is inscribed with a information of the epic poem “Gilgamesh.”


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