5 things to know for August 5: Coronavirus, Texas van crash, Iran, Mexico, Bill Gates

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By Dominic Rech, CNN

A firefighter successful Dallas has been charged aft allegedly faking his family’s Covid-19 diagnoses and taking paid permission to spell to a resort.

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1. Coronavirus 

Efforts to get much Americans vaccinated against Covid-19 are increasing much urgent arsenic an adept warns that if vaccination rates don’t increase, the unsafe Delta variant could proceed to evolve. “The adjacent variant is conscionable astir the corner, if we bash not each get vaccinated,” Adm. Brett Giroir, the coronavirus investigating czar nether President Trump, told CNN. A surge successful the Delta variant combined with debased vaccination rates has sent the US backward successful the pandemic, and messages from President Biden’s wellness officials person sometimes been muddled oregon contradictory. Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ conflict with Biden is lone complicating matters successful a authorities that has seen coronavirus-related hospitalizations rise 13% from their erstwhile peak successful July 2020. Globally, the representation is bleak too. The Delta variant is ravaging the satellite and pushing Southeast Asian nations to the breaking point.

2. Texas van crash 

At slightest 10 radical were killed and 20 others taken to hospitals aft a van crashed yesterday connected a road adjacent Encino, Texas, a authorities Department of Public Safety spokesperson said. There were 30 radical wrong a achromatic Ford rider van erstwhile the operator tried to marque a close crook and “veered disconnected the roadway and struck a metallic inferior rod and halt sign,” Sgt. Nathan Brandley told CNN. The operator and 9 passengers were pronounced deceased astatine the scene, the section said. At slightest immoderate of those successful the van were believed to beryllium undocumented immigrants, officials told CNN affiliate KRGV.

3. Iran

Ebrahim Raisi is set to beryllium inaugurated contiguous arsenic Iran’s adjacent president, signaling the commencement of a caller harder-line epoch that could herald large shifts successful the Islamic Republic’s policies astatine location and abroad. After 8 years of Hassan Rouhani’s mean administration, Iran present turns to Raisi, an ultra-conservative judiciary main whose views are afloat successful enactment with the reasoning of the country’s almighty clergy and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the last accidental connected each large matters of state. Raisi’s inauguration comes astatine a pivotal time, with Iran successful indirect negotiations with the United States implicit however to revive the 2015 atomic agreement.

4. Mexico 

Mexico has filed a suit against 11 weapon manufacturers implicit firearms that travel from the United States crossed the borderline and into transgression hands successful Mexico, tribunal documents obtained by CNN show. The suit was filed successful national tribunal successful Boston and aims “to enactment an extremity to the monolithic harm that the Defendants origin by actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to cause cartels and different criminals successful Mexico.” Mexico alleges the defendants design, market, administer and merchantability guns successful ways that routinely limb cause cartels successful Mexico. “Defendants plan these guns to beryllium easy modified to occurrence automatically and to beryllium readily transferable connected the transgression marketplace successful Mexico,” the suit read. Smith & Wesson, Colt and Glock are among named defendants. The companies did not respond instantly to CNN’s petition for comment.

5. Bill Gates

Microsoft laminitis Bill Gates says helium regrets the clip helium spent with Jeffrey Epstein. “It was a immense mistake to walk clip with him, to springiness him the credibility of being there,” Gates said. Epstein, the affluent fiscal manager who was accused of kid enactment trafficking, was found dormant successful a New York jailhouse compartment successful 2019. Speaking yesterday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Gates said helium lone met with Epstein successful the hopes of raising much wealth to woody with planetary wellness issues. “I had respective dinners with him, you know, hoping that what helium said astir getting billions of philanthropy for planetary wellness done contacts that helium had mightiness emerge,” Gates said. “When it looked similar that wasn’t a existent thing, that narration ended.”


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Simone Biles has thanked a Japanese gym for allowing her to privately train and flooded her conflict with “the twisties,” a intelligence artifact successful gymnastics wherever competitors suffer way of their positioning midair. Biles said she would “forever beryllium thankful” to Juntendo University “for allowing maine to travel bid separately to effort to get my skills back.”

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