4 men charged in fatal drive-by shooting of 13-year-old girl

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By Tina Burnside, CNN

Four men person been charged successful the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old miss successful North Carolina, constabulary said.

The shooting happened Saturday nighttime successful Monroe, conscionable extracurricular Charlotte, the Monroe Police Department said successful a statement connected Facebook.

Officers responding to a study of shots fired recovered the 13-year-old with a gunshot wound, constabulary said. She was treated connected country and transported to the infirmary wherever she was pronounced dead.

Police judge the kid was sitting with friends astatine a picnic array erstwhile what is believed to beryllium a achromatic Ford Freestyle SUV drove by and idiosyncratic wrong the conveyance began shooting successful the absorption of the unfortunate earlier speeding away. Multiple ammunition casings were recovered astatine the country and determination look to beryllium nary different victims, constabulary said.

The suspects person been charged with first-degree execution and are being held with nary enslaved astatine the Union County Jail. The motive successful the shooting is nether investigation.

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