37 fouls between Locomotive FC and New Mexico United result in 0-0 draw

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Locomotive FC

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - When the foul number is the item of the match, that usually means 2 things. The teams don't similar each other, and the lucifer wasn't precise exciting.

In a lucifer that saw 37 fouls betwixt the 2 sides, El Paso Locomotive FC and New Mexico United played to a 0-0 gully astatine Isotopes successful Albuquerque Saturday night.

The effect is the 2nd necktie the clubs person played to this season, arsenic El Paso and New Mexico drew 1-1 connected May 8th successful El Paso.

Saturday's carnal lucifer is the latest successful agelong enactment of chippy clashes betwixt the 2 USL rivals. Juan Guzman of New Mexico received a reddish paper successful the 66th minute, aft voiced displeasure with the adjunct referee.

Just a fewer seconds anterior to Guzman's injury, New Mexico United deed the station connected a changeable effort disconnected a escaped kick.

But successful the end, some clubs earned a constituent to support El Paso successful archetypal spot successful the USL Mountain Division.

Next up: Locomotive FC volition play astatine San Antonio FC this coming Wednesday night,


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