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Using Press Releases As a Means of Generating Traffic - Does it Work?

Using press releases can be a great way of gaining momentum for a product or even a project launch. There are some great examples of the things that a press release can do for your chosen topic of information:

  • Can be used to build backlinks, as most organizations will include a link in the content which you provide. This can be used in conjunction with other link building strategies and can definitely help in terms of page rank, to provide a variety of sources of links. Link building works best when you build a structure to the links which are being built, but from the spiders from the search engines, you need to make this look like it is all ad-hoc.

  • Can be great for increasing awareness around a new project. If you are launching something new how are people going to find out about it? There are literally billions of internet users out there, how are they going to find out about specifically what you are doing? A Affordable Press Release Website can be a further way of increasing the potential coverage of your project or launch process.

  • Most people want high page rank sites linking to theirs, well with press release sites you get all of this for free! Generally, there is no charge, although some of the larger providers do charge per submission.
  • This can increase your chances of being included in Google News, which then creates a link from the big g to your website!

I have recently come across some software, which enables you to submit Affordable Press Release Network to a variety of sites all at the same time. This is a great way of generating multiple posts around a particular topic. Using the same article and quickly generating a significant traffic stream around a series of posts.

You are not restricted in terms of when you make your submissions, so for the purpose of the press release websites, you could create a mini-launch or re-launch of your service or product which will then enable you to take advantage of this great (generally free) resource!

Plus these links are permanent so once you have completed the submissions they will remain on the site for the long term. Once you have completed the submission and received confirmation of your Affordable Press Release Website submission, you can then use other software to social bookmark the press release and also ping each of the URLs. This will in turn increase the speed at which the pages are indexed.

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