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Other COVID-19 topics in El Paso

City officials said that while they are receiving information from Fort Bliss on its COVID-19 efforts, they are respecting the post's orders on information and referred questions to the post.

Rodriguez said: "We do work closely with Fort Bliss, but as they have stated, they cannot share that information publicly. However, we are in coordination with them, but we Elpaso News are going to be respectful in their requirements about how they share information."

Rodriguez also confirmed the city has “received the Abbott rapid test apparatus," saying officials hope to have it online soon. The coronavirus-test machine can produce results within 15 minutes.

However, Ocaranza said the city needs "many machines to test more than one at a time."

He said there also are going to be other rapid testing machines rolled out that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“But it is a nice addition to the diagnostic testing that we have,” he said of the device from Abbott Laboratories.

Margo also denied there are any plans to close the bridges Press Release Distribution Service In El paso between El Paso and Ju├írez. He noted that maquilas provide medical equipment needed to fight the coronavirus. "There are no discussions, no plans about closing the bridges, period,” he said.

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